Tyler Bozak and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Training Camp


In an attempt to expand our readership to include younger Leafs fans we’ve decided to add a story time feature to The Leafs Nation. So grab some arrowroot cookies and a sippy cup of juice and share in the adventures of Tyler Bozak’s first Leafs training camp without Phil Kessel.










The moral of the story, boys and girls, is that Tyler Bozak really needs to be traded. Ideally to Winnipeg.

  • SEER

    What the hell has happened to this blog? Steve is funny. The rest of the guys trying to be funny just look like idiots. Stick to Steve and your decent writers. I rarely come any more myself after Bobby Capacino ruined Tuesdays.

    • “Ruined Tuesdays”? Haha, ok.

      We put out a variety of different articles… Breaking news, opinions, light-hearted and joke articles. It’s pretty easy to identify which is which before you even click “Read More”. We also don’t ask for anything in return. If you don’t like the fun stuff, that’s fine. Don’t read it. Move past it. There’s something here for everyone.

      But man, the energy you must waste bloo bloo blooing about it in the comments. Such a shame.

      Also, Steve isn’t funny.

  • This nailed it. And the one thing that I’m really disapponted in Dubas and Shanny is them hanging onto a depreciating assets like Bozak. You don’t trade your best player and keep the worst player on the team.

    This is just asinine stupidity that makes me wonder if they have a plan here at all.

  • SEER

    I trust Babs to properly assess him in pre-season… Having a hate-on for any player right now, until we see what this new system brings is counter-productive…, imo..

  • SEER

    Just so you don’t think I’m a complete complaining dick, here’s my shot at Leaf satire #mycomment for Bobby to tear up:

    Kadri – [wheels a cart into office] Mr. Lamoriello, in celebration of you joining the Leafs I’d like to make you one of my famous Kadri sandwiches.

    Lou – Great, kid. What kinda meatballs – beef, pork, veal combo? I like a nice meatball grinder.

    Kadri – Uh well, there’s no meatballs in this sandwich Mr. Lamoriello.

    Lou – [confused] Then how is it a sandwich?

    Kadri – Well sir it has chicken…

    Lou – Ah, OK, that’s good too. Nice chicken with a good red sauce, fresh mozzerella, provolone, parmesan, some peppers.

    Kadri – Ah, actually the sauce isnt red it’s kinda white. It’s a garlic sauce.

    Lou – Who puts Alfredo on a sandwich? You yanking my chain kid? You want out of here that bad?

    Kadri – Nononono Mr. Lamoriello it’s a Lebanese sandwich. It’s meat and sauce and vegetables in a pita.

    Lou – What? Peter? I gotta share with Holland?

    Kadri – No sir, pita, it’s a type of flat bread you open and stuff the food inside.

    Lou – Like one of them Arabian tacos?

    Kadri – [excitedly] Yeah, that’s it!

    Lou – [pause] I’m not eating that.

    Nylander – [sticks head in] Does it have pickled herring?

    Kadri – [sighs] No.

    Nylander – [confused] Then how is it a sandwich?

    Lemaire – You know what would make that good? some cheese curds and gravy.