TLN Player Profiles: D Martin Marincin

Our roster player preview posts kick off today with a newly-acquired Leaf that I’m personally very excited about.  The Leafs got him for a small price, but he could end up playing a very important and effective role for the team this season and beyond.  Read past the jump to find out all about why I’m such a big fan of new Toronto blueliner Martin Marincin.


Marincin is young, but he’s also still old enough
to hail from the country that was once Czechoslovakia (now that the two
countries are separated, Marincin represents Slovakia internationally).  He came
over to North America in 2010, playing for Prince George and Regina in
the Western Hockey League before eventually graduating to Oklahoma City
in the AHL as a second-round pick of the Edmonton Oilers.  He’s since
gone on to play 85 NHL games, and will look to solidify himself as a
big-league regular on the Toronto defense this season.


The numbers are a big part of why I love Martin Marincin.  He may not stand out to you to much based on the above table, but take some of his underlying numbers into consideration:


As we can see here, Marincin is a very good puck possession player.  His production rates aren’t good, but perhaps he can be best-classified as a new-age defensive defenseman, who doesn’t put up gaudy numbers, but keeps the play out of his own team’s end.


via Behind The Net

The above picture shows the relative quality of competition that Edmonton defensemen faced last year.  This is another reason I like Maricin.  As we can see, he played the second-toughest minutes on the Oilers blueline last season.  So even as a very young player, he’s earned the trust of his coaches to take on the tough assignments.  So, another indication that he’s pretty good defensively.

As we can see here, Marincin’s shot-based metrics are also pretty good:

Another reason to like Marincin is his strong PCS% numbers.  He had a 43.18 PCS% after his first WHL season, meaning even from a young age his levels of production have compared favorably with a number of present and past NHL regulars.  That’ll happen when you’re both 6″4′ and put up good numbers in junior and in the AHL.  The PCS tool continues to like Marincin, and he’s inching closer and closer to reaching his projected floor of 200 NHL games played.

I also like Marincin because he’s already played 85 games in the NHL, all while still only 23 years of age.  He had also already played 44 NHL games at age 22, within just four years of being drafted.  Most top-six forwards and top-four defensemen in the NHL make the big leagues within four years of being drafted.

But most importantly…


Hockey’s Future even thinks Marincin is more than likely to develop into a second-pairing defenseman in the NHL.  You can’t make this stuff up folks.


Admittedly I’ve never really seen Marincin play.  In the Oilers games I have seen with him in the lineup, I wasn’t paying much attention to him.  I can’t give you much of a scouting report at all on him.  What I can tell you, though, is I’m pretty sure he’s going to be a top-four defenseman for the Leafs at some point in his career.  His numbers are just that good.  Maybe it’ll be this year, maybe it’ll be a year or two later.  But the numbers so overwhelmingly like Marincin that I’m inclined to give them my full trust on this one – Marincin is going to be good.

That’s even better when you consider how the Leafs got him.  All the Leafs gave up for him was a 4th-round pick and at-the-time prospect Brad Ross (Ross has since gone overseas to Germany).  That’s it.  They traded a 4th-rounder and someone who basically amounts to a nothing prospect in exchange for someone who is probably going to be a very important and effective piece for this team moving forward.  This less than 24 hours after the Oilers traded a first- and second-rounder to the New York Islanders in exchange for Griffin Reinhart, who seems to play a similar style to Marincin, only unlike Marincin, the numbers don’t like Reinhart at all and seem to suggest he’s unlikely to become much of anything in the NHL.  Not a very pretty sequence of events for Edmonton.


  • 2x participant in the World Under-18s for Team Slovakia (2009, 2010)
  • 3x participant in the World Under-20s for Team Slovakia (2010, 2011, 2012)
  • 2014 Winter Olympian (Slovakia)
  • 2014 World Championships (Slovakia)


  • silentbob

    Seems like the type of player that if he was another team, you wouldn’t really know who he was or much about him….”Just a guy” as Bobcat would say.

      • SEER

        I won’t make any final judgement, until I see him in 10 reg. season games, first… That’s what I do with all the players, no matter what their so-called status is.. But, I think he will be closer to a young Kaberle, with more toughness.. (and a willingness to take a point shot, once in awhile..)

        What I do know, is that Dubas is referred to up North, as “Young Einstein”.. (play on the old movie title “Young Frankenstein”…, which Burke could have used.. LOL!). He’s REALLY educated with stats and prospects info. Between him and Hunter, it’s pretty scary the amount of knowledge we have, concerning what most see as unknown…

        I think this is the year of “Money-Pucky-Lucky” for us… Three seasons.. and I bet we are contenders again… and with Babs at the helm (even with a group that comprises a lot of unknowns).. it wouldn’t shock me to see us get into the first round.. He can do wonders with very little..and has already proved that many times..

  • Gary Empey

    He did play on a disorganized Oiler team.

    Talent Analysis

    Marincin is a lanky Slovak blueliner who is an excellent skater for his size and shows tremendous mobility. He uses his reach very effectively and his offensive instincts and skill set serve him well, both breaking out of his own zone and in a powerplay quarterback role. He can play with an edge (as was evidenced at the 2011 World Junior Championships) but is not overly physical. Since making the transition to the pro ranks, he has taken his game to the next level and was a real difference-maker in the for Oklahoma City in the 2013 AHL playoffs.

  • CMpuck

    Everyone hopes for the best but if could even develop a glut of bottom pairing defensemen it’d be great to have a good supporting cast rather than having to burn assets for them by trade or revisit our God awful history of UFA blueline dead weight contracts.

  • STAN

    He appears to have everything for this defence – size, youth, enough speed and hockey smarts to fit in with Rielly and Gardiner. Phaneuf, Polak and Robidas will likely be slower than last season. Speed is the name of the game these days and no amount of experience can make up for a lack of it.

    I look for Percy to be there on opening day.

  • STAN

    he would be great with an offensive minded defenceman like rielly or maybe gardiner. a gardiner/marincin pair is what i would want to see on the 2nd pairing if we don’t get gardiner/rielly. gardiner/marincin have proved they can handle heavy minutes and are way better than given credit for (especially gardiner-defensively) so it would be great to watch them since rielly/phaneuf will maybe be a top pairing while hunwick can be on the bottom pairing suffering with robidas or hopefully brennan.

  • Jeremy Ian

    im visiting from oilers nation this was an unpopular move hes a good player with lots of potential it seems oil management was not happy with his commitment to the weight room and jultz like play (has consistency issues) but he can play

    • Gary Empey

      Thanks for the information.

      I hope he understands his new coach is all about commitment. That goes for the rest of the team as well. If a player is making his best effort, Babcock will help him reach his potential.

      I think this is the reason Babcock likes Dion Phaneuf. Phaneuf plays with a lot of passion. It will be interesting to watch Babcock develop Dion’s style to be more effective.

      PS How do you think the Oilers will do against the Flames this year?

      • RedMan

        If you would visit oilers nation, you would see expectations that McDavid scores 130ish points, wins the calder before halloween, the teams makes the playoffs and, in 1 or 2 years, starts a dynasty of about 10-15 cups.

        forget that the league leaders are now scoring 80ish points per year, McD will score 130 and pull both Hall and Nuge up over a 100 pts each also. then McD becomes the president of the world.

        in other words, business as usual in preseason predictions in Edmonton

    • RedMan

      an Oiler with “commitment” problems?

      Coming from the tank capital of the modern first overall dynasty, I wonder how you identify HIM as as having commitment problems?

      everyone from MacT down has had commitment problems for the last 5-8 years as they have been in perpetual “let’s tank this year for the first overall pick” mode.

  • RedMan

    Who wrote this article Dallas Eakins with all those fancy stats that in the end don’t mean sh%t.

    He wasn’t making the squad this year and would of been put on Waivers that’s why he was traded. Oh my that was a tough one to figure out.

    While Reinhart can be put in the Minor’s without being put on Waivers and has a way higher pedigree.

    I cannot see how Marinchin’s fancy stats will be maintained in T.O. While I wish him all the best he is in for one HE double hockey sticks of a year.

    • CMpuck

      Oilers fan here from the Oilers Nation boards…..

      While the waivers issue may have played a part in it, I think having Darnell Nurse only a year or two away was the bigger reason as he is another left handed d-man (along with Klefbom). Marincin is a better d-man than the bad old signings (Ference, Nikitin) and if it was based on merit he would have played ahead of them last year. The team would have been better off putting one of their veteran plugs on waivers and just pay them in the minor leagues. The organization’s beef about Marincin was about him doing his own thing re: weights rather than training here under their control. Last year he was never given a fair chance by Eakins/MacT from the get go. Once Nelson came in and brought him up he was fine again and outplayed most of the other d-men on the team (which, to be fair, is not a difficult task).

      The funny thing is that Nikitin, one of the over the hill d-men he would have competed with for a spot, has shown up again out of shape at camp. That makes it two years in a row for one of MacTs “top four d-man” signings to come in out of shape to start the season.

      As a fan I hate to say this, but I think that Reinhart will be a bust for the Oilers. He went way higher than he should have, but the Islanders were able to rectify that mistake via the trade with the Oilers. I still do not understand that trade decision. Watching him regularly on the Oil Kings I could not see what the fuss was about him (fwiw – how are any of the recent Oil Kings 1st/2nd round draft picks doing in the NHL?). He has size, is an average CHL/AHL skater, but is not great with the puck or physical. In juniors his size and okay skating was enough to get by. That will not work in the NHL, as his short time with the Islanders has shown. The Oilers would have been better off packaging Maricin and the two picks for a better prospect or an actual #5 d-man, which is where Reinhart projects as an NHLer.

      As far as Marincin, he is not a physical d-man but generally has good positioning and has an excellent stick that he uses effectively to break up plays. Marincin is a very good passer and makes a great first pass for break outs as well as nice stretch passes when they are available. Offensively speaking, I think that with a better team around him his numbers will jump significantly. Watching him regularly, he jumps into open spaces in the offensive zone but the Oilers forwards would rarely hit him with a pass no matter how open he was. He can dangle as well due to his reach, and as he gains confidence I expect to see him do this more often. Marincin’s numbers here were also affected by his linemates and how he was used – he did okay the very few times they had him on the PP, but he was deployed mostly in a tough minutes role with Petry which meant having the puck in his end most of the time. I was always curious to see how he would have done with more of an offensive deployment push – maybe he will get that with the Leafs.

      In any case, I will Marincin well with the Leafs and hopes he reaches his potential there.

  • RedMan

    Jeff, please stop embarrassing the flames fan base. I have been paying close attention to both clubs and no where does it say oilers will win 10 15 cups, make the playoffs this year or have McDavid getting 130 points. I believe lowetide has him projected at 73, close to other reliable projections.

    And Gary, yes, it seems like the move on Marincin was made with more criteria laid out by the “old boys club” re: mctavish the terrible. Not sure how much say PC had in this.

    Either way, potential for leafs to get a decent defensemen for what they traded.