Rookie Postgame: Baby Sens Down Baby Leafs in Overtime

A lot of us have been expecting our fair share of disappointment and defeat as fans of the Toronto Maple Leafs this season, but I think we were probably expecting that from the main roster and not from the organization’s top young players. 

Ok, so – let’s not get carried away. An opening night loss in a rookie tournament will probably be the least of the Leafs’ worries this season. Still, Toronto traded one too many chances with the Ottawa Senators’ rookie squad this evening, coming out on the wrong side of a 5-4 OT final score.

The Rundown

The Senators would come out of the gates quickly, scoring a goal only 30 seconds into the game while many of us were still fishing a beer out of the fridge. That’s why it’s so important to keep at least two bottles in the door of the fridge, people. So, so important. Remember, this is preseason prep for all of us. 

While Ottawa would jump out to an early lead, a trio of newcomers would help the Leafs bounce back. Nikita Soshnikov, a free agent signing out of the KHL, would bury Toronto’s first goal with new draftees Martins Dzierkals and Dmytro Timashov picking up the assists. The first period would end in a 1-1 tie.

Lots of back-and-forth play would kick off the second period, but it wouldn’t be until late in the second period when goals would be exchanged again. First it would be William Nylander on the powerplay, walking in from the top of the circle and snapping the puck top corner on the short side. Not long after, Ottawa would tie it up at 2’s before heading into the second intermission.

The end-to-end action would continue in the third period, but with a few more goals this time around. Nylander would score again and put the Leafs ahead, and Ottawa would respond shortly after. Dermott would add another powerplay goal with under two minutes ago, and the Senators would respond again just before the end of regulation.

In overtime, it would be an early and innocent looking play – a high shot from Tobias Lindberg – that would put the Senators ahead once in for all, clinching the 5-4 win.

Blue Warrior

Without a doubt, it was Nylander. Like I said in today’s Roundtable, a tournament like this shouldn’t be too much of a challenge for a player who spent last year lighting up professional leagues in both Sweden and North America (though, admittedly, I was referring more to Kasperi Kapanen), but Nylander played exceptionally well and demonstrated just how skilled and advanced a prospect he is. 

Game Two Tomorrow

Toronto will return to action tomorrow night against the Montreal Canadiens rookie squad. Tune in to RogersTV at 7:30pm if you’re in the Toronto area. 

  • millzy09

    I know I shouldn’t get disappointed in a loss like this, in a tournament like this, on the first day like this…but I still threw my hands up in the air. Just so Leafs. I think I’ve reached the pinnacle of being jaded.

    Now that I’ve cooled down, I’m just happy that hockey is back – for better or for worse…

    Also, Dermott’s going to be a stud. I’m excited for this kid in a couple years.

  • magesticRAGE

    Rinat Valiev is a beast! The kids can flat out play. It seems like he’s strolling through a park, and suddenly the puck is moving out his zone. A few times forecheckers were all over him, and he just shielded the puck, looked for the open man, and made an accurate pass. Even in the offensive zone, he distributed the puck effectively as a point man, leading to the second goal. He is without fear, at 20yrs old!!! He looks like an NHLer

    • Shawn Reis

      Only one viewing, but him and Dermott looked like the guys who had improved the most in the off-season from what I saw. Both looked more dynamic than usual.

  • SEER

    Yeah… feel the same… I was really hoping for a win, but I think it will be a better game for us tonight, now that they have started to gel a little more..

    Stand-outs for me were: Dzierkals (by far, my fav.); Timashov; Dermott; Valiev; Soshnikov and Nylander. Kapanen was okay, too.., but never really managed to achieve that much… Hopefully, the next two games will bring more success for everyone..

    Wasn’t very impressed with Peressini in the net… I was expecting a better game from him… The first and final goals were very stoppable.., imo… Hope that Nichols has a better game than him, tonight..



    Don’t know how many of you heard in the past two months, that the Marlies signed another D-man, from the Orlando Solar Bears.. He is older, bigger and was a Red Wing draftee years ago.. (maybe Babs had something to do with this..?)

    I think he could easily be an emergency call-up, because of his age and size… (and has pretty good speed, smarts and a good shot). Another dark-horse.., that many not have heard about. Threw some Solar Bears Ice Dancers (and their hilarious mascot “Shades”).. into this one, too..



  • SEER

    My 6 stars of the game:







  • SEER

    (Person who just came in above and thumbs downed me again):
    “Tee-hee-hee.. I just gave the guy a thumbs down and didn’t post because I am afraid..”

    Haters are gonna hate… and children will be children.. : )

    • Benjamin

      For your own health, please don’t do this.

      I like the videos and it personally doesn’t bother me that you post them, but you need to realize that when you use the comment section as an ad space, however relevant, its going to get some thumbs down.

      And seriously, its just a symbol. If you’re trying to start a feud with anonymous ‘thumbs down’, you’re going to go crazy. Do your thing and let it go.

      • SEER

        For my own health..? Either, this is some sort of threat, or you think I actually let it bother me, because I mentioned it… I am nice to almost everyone 99% of the time, but when someone is just being malicious and abusive, I will also speak up once in awhile and put them in their place… I also don’t have multiple accounts like some people in here,. (one from cell-phone, one from computer/etc..) That’s all a part of my pathway.., because honesty and accountability comes first with me.. If you can’t take something back, than don’t dish it out..

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        If I was really just trying to promote my channel (as some of you seem to think).., don’t you think I would be posting links on multiple sites..?

        I was a part of ONE hockey site (the original, official Leafs board, on their own site). It closed down in March and was never re-opened.. Now, I’m here… The Admin people here have never answered two emails I sent them, before and after I joined, a few months ago.. Steve Dangle posts “embedded videos”: in here every week… No one seems to complain about that..? He also doesn’t even respond (post a reply when someone mentions him, messages him and/or comments on his blog. ) …and he brags about how many views and subscriptions he has, in his tag line/signature. No one says anything about that, either..?

        You guys have a very strange way of interpreting someone who is new.. and just trying to share.. At least I respond to every reply I see.
        But…, if the Admin. people here would rather have me move along, they should message/email me..

          • SEER

            The majority of most of what I wrote wasn’t directed entirely at you, Ben… I was just “trying” to share a little more of who I am.. , so that people would comprehend my posts & Links better.. You said it comes across that way to some, so that’s why I responded to your post..

        • SEER

          your videos are great but you don’t need to spam every post with every video. a video every once in a while is fine but not every post for every player… we know who you are so if we want to look you up, we will (i do) and your videos are regularly at the top of every player search so we know what to look for. no need to get upset and comment on every dislike. it’s just the internet. keep up the good work (on youtube).

  • SEER

    ok i was one of the ones not happy with the high pick in dermott (still believe we could’ve got him in the 3rd round) but he’s very impressive. he looked like a pro out there. nylander is amazing. it wasn’t even fair watching him demolish those kids without trying. kapanen’s speed is unreal. he had a few chances but he was bad defensively but i saw him forechecking lol so that’s good. marner looked nervous but he made some good plays with his stick. he’s so fast it’s crazy. i have to say valiev impressed me. that goalie was awful (maybe he was nervous) and finn was invisible. timashov, soshnikov and dzierkals was my favourite line and that pp with nylander/marner/kapanen/dermott/korostelev… had me drooling!!!

    • silentbob

      When I see a team make a deal for a player, or jump up and grab a player “early” I generally assume they’ve heard some talk about at least one other team being interested, because most people aren’t stupid.

      It doesn’t matter if every pre-draft report him going in the 3rd, if just one team was going to take him in the 2nd….

      Ultimately once a player is picked, it doesn’t matter where he was picked. All that matters now is how good of a prospect he is.

      • silentbob

        “When I see a team make a deal for a player, or jump up and grab a player “early” I generally assume they’ve heard some talk about at least one other team being interested, because most people aren’t stupid.”

        tyler biggs. frederik gauthier. just because they’re talked about as good, doesn’t mean it’s a sure thing. those guys were highly touted, look what happened. gauthier is ok but clearly not a 1st rounder when you’re picked for your 3rd line centre ceiling… all hindsight but it’s still important to remember that talks about a team potentially trying to steal a player doesn’t mean anything because the player can be a bust or be fine… it’s a crap shoot. a lot of players also plummeted in the draft from their perceived spot.

        it does matter when you could potentially have had two great prospects instead of one. for example, if we picked jeremy roy and dermott was possibly available into the 3rd round, we could have had the better prospect early on because roy looks better than dermott and i bet management wanted him since he fits their vision but lost out and took dermott so they got one of their players. leafs always jump the gun and either move up or pick a player too high when they could have been picked later. dermott is a great prospect but again, when you have a chance to pick the better player higher ceiling player and you miss out/choose not to, it’s on you. again, i’m happy with dermott and i hope he pans out as the highly touted prospect he’s expected to be by management and now fans because we missed out on some great talents and i’d hate to look back at that draft and see the players picked after him become stars because it always happens to us.

  • SEER

    I don’t mind the video links. At least he’s not trying to sell me a purse.

    Hey seer, don’t let the thumbs down bother you. I’ve been “thumbs-downing” #mycolumn’s since the joke started and management still lets it run : )