Mats Sundin Named To Legends Row


After weeks of speculation, the Toronto Maple Leafs have announced that Mats Sundin will be the man who graces the seventh statue in Air Canada Centre’s “Legends Row”.

The forty-four-year-old from Bromma, Sweden ranks first all time in Leafs goals and points, and sixth in games played. Over thirteen seasons with the Blue and White, Sundin lead the team in scoring twelve times, and was the captain between 1997 and 2008.

Sundin joins Ted Kennedy, Johnny Bower, Darryl Sittler, Syl Apps, and George Armstrong in the ever-growing group of statues in front of the arena. Of those inducted into Legends Row, Sundin is the first to have actually played in the Air Canada Centre.

When Brendan Shanahan broke the news to Sundin, his response? “F***ing right, man… am I that old?” No, really. See for yourself.

For more on what made Sundin one of the greatest Leafs of all time, check out our post from August, in which we inducted him to The Leafs Nation’s all-time team as our second line centre and alternate captain.

  • CMpuck

    The guy that didn’t win an individual or team award with the Leafs, made a finals appearance and selfishly spit on the rebuild.

    Well now I have a place to relieve myself near Union Station.

    • Mats Sundin is the Leafs’ all-time leading scorer.

      Mats Sundin is the Leafs’ all-time leading scorer.

      Mats Sundin is the Leafs’ all-time leading scorer.

      Mats Sundin is the Leafs’ all-time leading scorer.

      Mats Sundin is the Leafs’ all-time leading scorer.

      • silentbob

        I have mixed feelings about this, though I think if the Leafs got rid of the “honored” jerseys and started retiring numbers like every other sports franchise, and legends Row was used to honor those who deserved something but not to have a number retired, I’d have no issue with it (I think just about every Leaf “great” since Salming would fall into that catagory).

        And its not that I don’t think Sundin was a fantastic player and great Leaf, I just don’t know if I’d say he is the 7th most deserving Leaf, and I think he is getting put up as soon as he is because a lot of fans have a lot of fond memories of him (and I also can’t honestly say that’s a bad thing). Easier for a lot of people to excited about Sundin then Red Kelly.

        As for being the all time leading scorer, in the age of “fancy stats” shouldn’t we look at Points Per Game instead of total overall points? Sundin is 9th on that list (behind Dye, Gilmour, Noble, Paiement, Sittler, Olczyk, Denneeny and Apps). Though even that isn’t perfect (Noble only played like 30 games. Gilmour gets a lift because the 2 years he played above his head etc…). There is level of competition in different era’s etc… In short, there are lots of ways to look at a players overall contribution, and I don’t think All Time Leading scorer is “an end all, be all”.

  • Benjamin

    He defines the best era of Leafs hockey I had the pleasure to witness (and remember, too young for the early 90s). He was everything you could possibly want in a leader and a hockey player.

    Anyone who can’t make the distinction between Sundin and JFJ’s tire-fire at the end is a dribbling moron.

  • CMpuck

    I could make a pretty good case for a Davey Keon now and why Mats could wait a little longer but he is very deserving and he makes a nice connection for the younger Leafs fan. Opens the door maybe for Clark and Gilmour?

  • SEER

    I think Mr. Fisher was just trying to make a point to Mr. Puck but I agree with what you are saying Mr. Bob – it’s tough to quantify a “Legend”. For a lot of people Wendel Clark is a Leafs Legend or a Gilmour. Maybe Lanny McDonald would be an example for another era? Rick Vaive isn’t a Legend by any means but 50 goals is 50 goals.

    Is it stats or is it impact on the fan base? Who is revered and for what reasons? I hope stats play some kind of role or we be seein’ Tiger Williams climbing over that bench in the near future.

    Although he is kind of legendary like the boogeyman or something. Maybe there’s room for a Legends Box across the way – Williams, Domi, Kordic, Baumgartner, Belak, Cleghorn…