Joffrey Lupul


      • SEER

        Beak people..? Is that one of ‘dem, new-age, young-folk terms..? LOL!

        Listen Sparky…, I really don’t care what people think of me.. I’m not in a popularity competition.., as I’m closing in on 60… and I’d rather be a tool with gonads, than someone who hides behind their keyboard and thumbs down every post I make, because it makes them feel superior…

        To me, a “tool” is a woosey someone who hates on others, for no good reason.. and by the way.., you just did the same thing you complained about…, so what does that make you..?

        Now I know who another one of Alex’s friends is.. It’s really not that anonymous, when I see familiar names and writing styles.. But you know what.., I’ll always be me.., so deal with it..

    • Gary Empey

      Because not getting hurt is a skill. There are plenty of players that “play hard” and still play 75-82 games a season. There are players that know how to go to the net and not get hurt, or how to grind it out in the corner and come out of it injury free. Lupul does not have that skill.

    • SEER

      …Well.., you should know by now, Gary.., that a lot of Leafs fans are very impatient…and have very little conscience and/or empathy for their team (and/or each other) when things are going wrong… (obviously, we are different, or we wouldn’t have hung around this long… : )

      I think that when we win another Cup, that some of them will complain that the parade wasn’t big enough, that there weren’t enough goals scored.., the jerseys weren’t ironed properly before the game…or that the music between plays sucked…

      This is one of the reasons why so many other teams fans dump on a lot of Leafs fans…. Some can be so Debbie-Downer, Wendy-Whiner.. and non supportive, at times..

    • Gary Empey

      because he’s paid a lot of money to play hockey consistently and when he inevitably fails to do so, we as fans get upset because he’s taking up a roster spot and cap space while sitting in the press box or on ir… he’s supposed to be a consistent linemate to kadri (poor guy) but he always fails to do so every single year. at a certain point, it just becomes a running joke. everyone plays hard but they don’t get injured as often as him. he either has poor conditioning, poor luck or both. i find it funny that people trash kessel when he’s never missed a single game as a leaf in 6 years. he plays hard too but isn’t credited as a hard worker. that’s reason to be upset but not lupul who has consistently let fans and the team down by getting injured 2-3 time a season. that’s not acceptable. i didn’t see anyone coming to clarkson’s defence for being overhyped and overrated even though he’s a hard worker too…