Daily Faceoff’s Draft Kit Makes You Good, Not Bad At Fantasy Hockey


Jerome Miron/USA TODAY Sports

I don’t know about you all, but when I play Fantasy Hockey, I usually want to beat my friends, foes, and the opportunistic person who joined because we accidentally set the league to public for a few minutes. So, whenever I have the opportunity to find an edge, I like to pounce on it, and Daily Faceoff’s new draft guide brings plenty of those opportunities to the table.

To give you a teaser of what you’ll find in the guide, should you decide that you feel like finishing higher in the standings than the actual Leafs:

  • James van Riemsdyk is likely to lead the team in scoring, replacing Phil Kessel as the point vacuum on the wing.
  • Nazem Kadri is projected to be the highest scoring centre; they have him picking up 30 assists and 52 points.
  • Kadri is the 51st ranked centre in their guide. Not huge numbers, but that’s fine, since future Leafs UFA signing Steven Stamkos is ranked 2nd. Ten more months!
Here’s Brock Seguin with some thoughts on the man with the Niftiest Mittens in the Atlantic:

“After posting just 39 points (18G / 21A) in 73 games last year, the Maple Leafs challenged Kadri with a “show-me”, one-year contract this summer. He will make $4.1 million, but the Leafs clearly want more out of Kadri before they are willing to sign him long-term. Since being selected seventh overall in 2009, Kadri has scored at a 20-goal, 29-assist per 82 game pace—consider that his floor for 2015-16, because someone has to score in T.O”

Sounds good to me – though, of course, it would also be awesome if they were wrong and he won the Art Ross. You know, for our pools, not our enjoyment. Yes. That.

Anyway, if you’re convinced that being good at Fantasy Hockey is the lifestyle choice fo you, you can pick up the Draft Guide for just $4.95 from the Nation Network Shop. Happy drafting!