Brad Boyes to join Leafs on PTO

Though he was originally a first-round draft pick of the Toronto Maple Leafs, Brad Boyes never got the chance to wear the blue and white in a meaningful game. Now, a dozen years after his departure, the Mississauga native gets a chance to right that wrong, joining the Leafs on a PTO.

Boyes, for all intents and purposes, shouldn’t still be an unrestricted free agent at this point. Travis Yost wrote a great piece on in the middle of July wondering why he was still available. The jist of the argument was as follows:

  • Boyes’ raw production – 38 points in 78 games is quite respectable for a winger who bounced between the second and third lines.
  • It was also worthy of his $2.5 million salary; the Panthers bought out his contract with a year remaining, but from a hockey perspective, that made little to no sense.
  • Boyes is one of 45 players who have increased their team’s odds of having a scoring chance while they’re on the ice in five consecutive years. He’s the only one who isn’t signed, and the average salary of the other 44 is $5.8 million.
  • All of this considered, Boyes was a good value signing. A month and a half ago, before the prices crashed.

Boyes has never really found himself in a position to truly cash in on a contract. At his peak – fresh off of a 65 point season in 2007/08, Boyes signed a four-year, $16 million contract to give him a cap hit of $4 million. Since then, the only team to offer him more than a million dollars and a multi-year deal was the Panthers, who parachuted out halfway through.

Nostalgia has left Leafs fans always wanting to add Boyes to the roster. One of the “guys who got away”, he was drafted 24th overall in 2000 and traded to the San Jose Sharks, along with Alyn McCauley and a first-round pick, for Owen Nolan. Since then, Boyes has put up sixty points three times, once exploding for 43 goals, and has been a generally safe bet for a production rate of forty points over 82 games.

Boyes’ 1.67 points per 60 even strength minutes was good for seventh on the Panthers last season, and would have ranked him second on the Maple Leafs.

Of course, the Leafs have the same issue as they did yesterday when we talked about Curtis Glencross’ PTO. There is an abundance of forwards on the roster, and only a handful of spots to place them. It’s likely that Boyes will be the fan favourite of the tryout trio, so it’s up to him to back it up with impressive play throughout the preseason.

Credit where credit is due, by the way; Leafs management has done a great job in securing looks at some reasonably capable and likely cheap talent. If any of Boyes, Glencross, or Setoguchi play well enough to make the team, those are free assets picked up through heads-up plays.

    • SEER

      LOL! : )

      Good one.., V…!!

      (I have to go change my underwear, now..!)

      You other guys need to remember, that these are all PTO’s… Any of them can be let go, free of charge, before season start.., so why not have a bunch of possibilities to pick from, right..?

      I also think that a few of these older players might end up on the Marlies, if they can’t get other interest, so remember that nothing is set in stone yet… AND.. if you have a bunch of players that others may want, it is also a good trade portfolio to work from… I hope that they all have good comeback years…

      And with that segway, here’s another one of our own who I am hoping has an amazing comeback year… and is free of all former concussion problems.. (because I really think that was the case for his recent downfall)

      Just made today..

      (2013-14 & 2014-15 Highlights)


  • silentbob

    I’m calling it – just watch the leafs retain Bozak and let better performing players like boyes, setoguchi or glenncross walk because of his so called pedigree as a 1C

  • silentbob

    Looks like not many rookies are going to make the squad this year.

    If the 3 PTO players make the Leafs -it will look like Leafs are becoming New Jersey 2.0

      • SEER

        What I was pointing out -is if three veterans
        join the Leafs from their PTO tryout
        then the Leafs roster will get significantly older.

        And BTW which other team had an older roster last year……well none other than New Jersey, which by coincidence was GM-ed by Lou.

        Hence the New Jersey 2.0 reference.

  • Gary Empey

    All of the PTO’s will have a hard time making the Leaf squad. Babcock feels we need more players that can score. It is starting to look like the Leaf training camp is going to be a madhouse.
    Some players are sure to be disappointed. Some fans will be as well.

    Babcock will have to be at his best to sort it out before the start of the season.

    There is only so much room on the bus.

    “Mind the gap”