WWYDW: Who Are Your Top 20 Leafs Prospects?

Last week we wrapped up our annual TLN Top 20 Leafs Prospects feature, with Mitch Marner narrowly beating out William Nylander as the top guy. Behind them, Kasperi Kapanen, Scott Harrington, Jeremy Bracco, Travis Dermott, Andreas Johnson and Connor Brown rounded out an impressive group of talented youngsters. You can find the final list below, and our full wrap-up here. But most importantly, click past the jump and tell us where we went wrong…

#1 Mitch Marner
#2 William Nylander
#3 Kasperi Kapanen
#4 Scott Harrington
#5 Jeremy Bracco
#6 Travis Dermott
#7 Andreas Johnson
#8 Connor Brown
#9 Brendan Leipsic
#10 Stuart Percy
#11 Nikita Korostelev
#12 Freddie Gauthier
#13 Nikita Soshnikov
#14 Viktor Loov
#15 Carter Verhaeghe
#16 Martins Dzierkals
#17 Rinat Valiev
#18 Dmytro Timashov
#19 Sam Carrick
#20 Matt Finn

The great part about this feature is that seven of our TLN writers had different opinions, and many of our lists were quite different from the consolidated ranking that we ended up with. Essentially, each of us felt that the six other participants were idiots that ruined our lovely lists.

Harrington all the way up in 4th? No Jesper Lindgren or Casey Bailey or Zach Hyman? Not a single goalie cracked our Top 20?

I know I have my own issues with the final list… Brown down in 8th is a travesty… And I’m certain our readers do to. So here’s your chance to share your own Top 20 lists in the comments section below. Or, if you’re lazy, just tell us where we went wrong without offering any constructive criticism or feedback. We are here for your punishment!

    • Leivo was excluded because Calder Trophy eligibility was factor used to determine if a player is a prospect. It’s not a perfect system, but one of the more defensible ways of defining a prospect.

      By the Calder Eligibility rules: To be eligible for the award, a player cannot have played any more than 25 games previously in any single season, nor have played in more than six games in each of two separate preceding seasons in any major professional league.

      For me personally I have put Leivo 17th on my list, but I suspect others on this site would have had him higher.

  • Matthew

    I have Nylander at #1 and Marner at #2. I know the voting was extremely close, and it’s that way in my mind too. But, I have Matt Finn and Dmytro Timashov a lot higher than you folks. Finn did great things in Guelph and still has lots of time and upside to become a top 4 NHL Dman. Timashov put up good numbers in Sweden in his draft-1 and excellent numbers in the Q. Better numbers than some premier NHL prospects, especially at ES, like David Pastrnak, Ehlers, Reway, Barbashev, Anthony Mantha, etc. and current draftees like Svechnikov, Meier, Sprong, and Beauvillier. Timashov is my #4 (I know, bold or whatever) and Finn at 8-10. Basically everything else looks good, although I like all 3 of our goalie prospects as HN or at #20 too.

  • That would be my top 20 :

    What seems a bit concerning at the moment is that we don’t have any blue chip D-man prospect, out maybe of Dermott, but he’s only been playing junior on a very good team at the moment..

  • Solid rankings guys, but if I could edit them I would go something like this. I like Nylander very much and this is no disrespect to Marner, but I think Nylander has proven himself in 3 different leagues, and he is already NHL size. Harrington edges Bracco by a hair because Harrington looks like an NHLer and Bracco is more of a project, but his ceiling is really high. I also really like Andreas Johnson and he should be ranked a couple of spots higher as well. Dermott fell a bit because of his ceiling in my opinion, but if he has a good year he should jump up again. I think Soshnikov can be a quality prospect, and although he is an unkown form the tapes I have seen he could do some damage. I liek Korestelov and Timashev a lot and that is why I moved them up, but they will have to progress. Also from the preason I was impressed with Dzierkals as well. I moved Finn up a couple spots because he was injured most of the year, and if you look at his pedegree before last year it is better than most players at this ranking. I moved Sparks into the 20 cause he had a solid year and I would love an extra spot for Lindegren, but I need to see him get bulkier and keep on improving.
    #1 William Nylander
    #2 Mitch Marner
    #3 Kasperi Kapanen
    #4 Scott Harrington
    #5 Jeremy Bracco
    #6 Andreas Johnson
    #7 Brown
    #8 Dermott
    #9 Brendan Leipsic
    #10 Stuart Percy
    #11 Soshnikov
    #12 Korestelov
    #13 Gauthier
    #14 Timashev
    #15 Loov
    #16 Martins Dzierkals
    #17 Verhaeghe
    #18 Finn
    #19 Valiev
    #20 Sparks