The Steve Dangle Podcast – Sep 3, 2015 – Mirtle 2.0


On this episode, James Mirtle returns for his annual Leafs talk, season preview, potential moves, and his new perspectives as a dad.

  • Stats do work better for baseball There are more yes/no type events and they are easier to quantify. You end up with far larger samples and better data. It’s not just an odd Don Cherry thing.

    Let’s take a look at something like pitches. Each team averages about 146 pitches. Compare that with about 30 shots per team in the NHL.

    Now lets look at success. Each baseball team averages about 9 hits and 4.5 runs.

    Compare that with an average of just 2.5 goals per team in an NHL game.

    Now also consider that the baseball season is about twice as many games..162.

    So almost 24,000 pitches or attempted hits for a team during a baseball season vs 2460 shots or attempted saves for a team during a hockey season.

    • 151 minutes in penalties in 22 Years! Or a little over 3 minors a season. (Yes, there was 1 fight).
      And in the 79-80 season, he centered a line with Gordie Howe and Bobby Hull in Hartford.
      This has to be the most stacked line in the history of Hockey.

      NHL-WHA totals: 6,059 points (Including playoffs)

      Thanks to Gordie’s autobiography for the factoid.

  • silentbob

    Love the Mirtle podcasts.

    Have to share the one thing that made me scream at my iPhone though. While it’s true that lupul, JVR and bozak only looked like top line players when playing with kessel, if you do a game-by-game break down of his numbers, Kessel was only a PPG player when playing with Lupul and/or JVR. Without them he was a 65 point player. That door swung both ways.