Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 11.04.04 AM is counting down the best Leafs of all-time and Felix Potvin made their list. Knowing he is my blue and white bae, they  asked me to make a video about him. Here it is!

  • SEER

    Loved Potvin, but much like Steve I grew up with Allen Bester – my favourite goalie ever and played at a time when there was a ton of shots for most goalies to stop – and Bester had twice as many as most. Got a signed picture up in my ‘cube’ at work 🙂

  • SEER

    Timely! I just finished reassembling my daughter’s mask. It’s a Leafs-era look, Boston-era colouration Felix Potvin tribute. Sorry about the colour – she’s got sport-gold pads. But she plays more like Billy Smith.

  • Jeff explained to me earlier today that Broda was not included because he doesn’t meet the criteria the voters made up based on style of play, that has changed since his era, and the ability to compare the players statistically. Neither of these reasons make any sense.

    One, you’re saying this is an “all time list”. If it’s an all time list, why are you excluding players from certain era’s?

    Two, style of play. Bower is at one. He was a stand up goalie, which is also the style Broda played. Broda and Bower are more closely comparable than Cujo (acrobatic hybrid) and Potvin (butterfly), both very different styles.

    Honestly, it’s really hard to argue Cujo or Potvin are even good enough to be in the top five of all time Leafs goalies. Are either better than Bower, Broda, Sawchuk, or Belfour? Even Mike Palmateer, is arguably better than those two.

    I think there’s a problem here. Nobody here cares to recognize players they never saw play. But ignoring the fact that a Leaf legend, who won 5 freaking Stanley Cups in Blue and White, is a massive oversight.

    it’s just plain stupid to move the goal posts, just to fit in your favourites from your youth.

    • That may have been Jeff’s own opinion on why he didn’t put Broda on this team, but it’s just not true that Broda was ineligible or didn’t meet criteria. He just got outvoted.

      Broda and Sawchuk are certainly close in our minds. Belfour played exactly three of his fifteen seasons in Toronto and one of those season was pretty bad, so he didn’t make the team.

      You think there’s a problem here? You’re allowed to disagree… All-Time teams will never be universally agreed upon.

      But to say we don’t care to recognize certain players because of age and era? Have you seen the rest of this team? Spare me.

  • silentbob

    Potvin is an odd one for me. One of my favourite players from childhood, but I think he really only belongs on this kind of list IF the team is getting Potvin during his first 2-3 years. But if we take his entire time here into account…… I think there are better/more deserving goalies. He did really go from one of the best in the league, to decent back-up over the course of a season or two.

  • silentbob

    As I said from day one the major problem of selecting a team like this is the fact that it is extremely difficult to judge a player if you never saw him play. I truly don’t know how good Broda was but I sure as hell know that Sawchuck was one of the great goalies of all time.

    The one glaring error in my humble opinion was ranking Kaberle as the second best leaf defenceman. That comment will always boggle my mind.

    But other wise a good effort on the selection committees part. I quite enjoyed it.