Leafs Sign Devin Setoguchi To PTO

After a few weeks of quiet speculation, it looks like the Toronto Maple Leafs have added a new player to their potential lineup. According to Matt Brown, the Leafs have signed forward Devin Setoguchi to a Professional Tryout that will allow him to join the team for the 2015/16 pre-season and attend training camp.

Setoguchi is coming off of a rough season. The twenty-eight year old from Taber, Alberta picked up no points in twelve games with the Calgary Flames, and produced at just a half point-per-game clip with their AHL affiliates in Adirondack (Glens Falls). Rumours circulated about Setoguchi’s commitment and off-ice habits, and while nothing was confirmed, CTV’s Glen Campbell suggested that he spent time in rehab this year, and has been clean and sober for more than five months.

Ryan wrote an article about Setoguchi when Campbell first suggested that he might come to Toronto. It’s unrealistic to expect Setoguchi to return to his 31 goal, 65 point peak of 2008/09, but when focused, he’s a solid triggerman and on the positive side of the possession coin. Without the baggage, he’d be a good top-nine pickup for most NHL teams, and the Leafs are obviously hoping that some of it has gone away.

This isn’t the first time the Leafs have gone the PTO route with a player looking to rebound; Mason Raymond started his reclamation, albeit under different circumstances, with a tryout in 2013.

Other than the Flames, Setoguchi has previously played for San Jose, Minnesota, and Winnipeg.

  • STAN

    I suppose it never hurts to invite a veteran. Setoguchi’s recent performances indicate he’ll help the Leafs lose.

    If that’s the goal for the next two seasons, fine. But aside from weakening the team, his only value is as an asset to be used at the trade deadline.

  • V

    Assuming they’re aren’t any trades till after the opening day roster, I love how we have no idea how the lines are going to shape up for the forwards.

    I mean, almost everyone can slide up and down the roster. Not to forget how the bottom 6 are all up for grabs. Currently, according to general fanager, the leafs have 14 roster forwards. (not counting Horton, and the other UFA’s listed (booth, Orr).

    Which also leaves out Hymen, Setoguchi, Soshnikov(who many think could crack the line up with a good camp) or any of Marner Nylander or Kapanen. (which should all get at least another year of seasoning anyway s)

  • Leafydudetwitter

    The PTO Contract is useful, but say he outshines in training camp, which of the 20+ already signed one way contracts is he going to push out? Arcibello? He’d really have to be special in camp to get an NHL contract. AHL contract would face the same problem. No risk here, but see nothing coming of it.

  • magesticRAGE

    I honestly think he’ll out perform some of the recent signings. It’s not like Devin has missed a couple seasons or anything. He has a better natural pedigree than some players already here. Also, if he makes the team, and almost covered back to previous form, that’s a good return come deadline day.
    If he gets a contract, not sure who is moved out, but hopefully it’s a trade *cough* Bozak *cough*

  • magesticRAGE

    low risk, high reward if he can regain his scoring touch. hope he gets a contract like mason raymond elsewhere now that his demons are behind him. his bad seasons were at a time when he was struggling with addiction but he had multiple 20+ goal seasons before them. glad to see he’s doing much better and i wish him the absolute best. hope he does well individually but doesn’t do well enough to ruin our tanking efforts.