Report: Leafs Flex Muscles Again, Hire Oilers Scout Robert Nordmark


The Toronto Maple Leafs realized at a certain point in time that they have a lot of money to spend, and taken to the practice of hire front office personnel from other junior and professional teams, presumably by offering them more money than their competitors.

Via (via Lowetide), the Leafs pulled this manouevre off once again, albeit on more of a minor scale than acquiring a Babcock/Lamoriello/Hunter/Dubas. In a rough (Google) translation:

Large Club Toronto Maple Leafs stole for himself Edmonton Scout Robert Nordmark. He is part of the NHL giant’s transformation during the summer. “Toronto is the hockey Mecca and it is a challenge to work for them,” says Nordmark.

Nordmark played from 1987-91 in the NHL with the St. Louis Blues and the Vancouver Canucks, and had been scouting for Edmonton since 2009. 

It’s no guarantee that money was the deciding factor in (reportedly) luring Nordmark to Toronto, but it’s likely to have played a sizeable part in the transfer, seeing as Nordmark was offered a new contract with the Oilers but declined. Stolen might not be the right word, but “Large Club Toronto Maple Leafs” does have a certain ring to it.

  • N.Rad

    In the past few years Edmonton has not had very strong drafts. The only players to really amount to something were their top 10 picks. I probably wouldn’t have gone after their scouts.

    • Poluza

      The twitterverse has told me that Edmonton, like Toronto, has historically under-used Euro scouts. The few picks that they have made from Europe have actually turned into decent prospects.

      I’m not really excited by this signing for the scout himself, but for the organization seeing Europe as a prime place to scout, and that they want some extra boots on the ground there to find talent.

  • SEER

    I think it’s just great that we’ve had more action going on in this off-season, than almost all the others put together.. Pretty sure that with all the new management hires, that this is another good pice to the puzzle..

    Remember when everyone used to complain that the Leafs didn’t spend enough money on off-ice talent..? : )

    Present for everyone…



    Hope you all enjoy it..

  • Leafydudetwitter

    the oilers never listen to their European scouts but the few euros they’ve drafted in recent years later in the draft have turned out ok. marincin, lander, slepyshev, klefbom, paajarvi just to name a few… only 2 guys were 1st round picks in that list but he found some decent talent in later rounds. it’s not his fault oilers didn’t give him more of a voice to get higher picks and they instead listened to their garbage North American scouts who produced a bunch of busts but he found some talent in later rounds. he’ll work with vuori and bergmann so I have faith we’ll be fine.