Bernier asks for 5.1-million in arbitration

Yesterday we took a shot at a mock arbitration between Jonathan Bernier and the Leafs, with Cat and I acting as the two parties and Jon stepping in as arbitrator. In our discussions leading up to the piece, we figured Bernier should shoot for a mind-boggling amount of money since, given his workload as a starter, he’d obviously want to create a huge gap between his number and the team’s, and try to settle a couple million below. It’s just the way arbitration goes.

Brayden Holtby, for example, asked for 8-million dollars per year in arbitration last week, but ended up settling for just 6.1-million. For that reason we pinned Bernier with a ridiculous 6.5-million dollar ask, thinking he’d like to come down in the area of 5-million AAV. The number he’s actually asking for, as reported by Chris Johnston this morning, is much lower.

As Kevin McGran of the Star went on to note, from the Leafs’ side that 2.89-million is the lowest they can possibly offer, at 85% of Bernier’s previous salary. Or, you know, the most Lou Lamoriello thing ever.

Cat looked deeper into what we might expect for Bernier’s new cap hit just a few weeks back, and eventually came to a number somewhere in the $4.1-4.5M range, which, given where the two sides sit currently, will likely be dead on.

  • MatsSundin#13

    Bernier & Reimer should be a solid goal-tending duo if we get some defensive systems that work.

    I’d be happy to see Bernier locked up at 4.5M for term…maybe 5 years?

  • MatsSundin#13

    AGAIN I SAY “Get rid of Bernier” he is not worth the pay raise nor a long contract..this is a rebuld supposely which would be really a waste of money to have an over paid Goaltender to do what?? not the play-offs??? not the cup?? than what??? Reimer deserves a fair shake and I really wish just once they would give him a fair shake and see what he can do?? They say Bernier would be something on a better team…well Reims would be just as great if given the chance and not one where he is throw to the wolfs like last season and than agin this season…

    Reimer is almost half the salary of Bernier without a new contract WHY? would you throw money away?? Bernier has not proven anything and doesn’t deserve anything if nothing else I would give hime less not more…. But we all know he’s still here which means they still have a need for him..what a waste of money….

  • FlareKnight

    In the end nothing shocking. Bernier asking for a lot, the Leafs offering not much. They’ll find some kind of 4 million range arbitration award if they don’t come up with an actual deal. That seems fine by me. Bernier has basically been a bright spot in the Leafs disaster runs so hopefully he can keep improving during this rebuild and come out of it as a guy we can count on going forward.

  • TGT23

    So Luo, as his first act as a GM, aims to insult our starting goalie? Is that a taste of the things he’s teaching the young minds in the organization?

    He probably won’t get $5.1M, though he likely deserves it. But $2.89M? Are the Leafs even trying to win in arbitration?

    Even in a rebuild give the team a chance to win some games. At the very least they’ll need Bernier if they expect to be competitive in the next 3-4 seasons. Bernier gives them their best chance to win.

    Over the last two seasons:

    Reimer: .909
    Bernier: .917

    Maybe they expect to trade Bernier and tank with Reimer. Like Buffalo tried to do. Can’t play a good goalie when you’re trying to lose. They win you too many games.

    • Hahahahahahahhahahahah…needed a good laugh……Bernier is not all that….but thanks again for the chuckle……

      If I recall it was bernier tanking in the last season…your glorified started…and you think he should be rewarded for sucking….no wonder this team has sucked for so many years…..

      • TGT23

        What has Reimer proven? You talk about how Bernier hasn’t proven himself, Reimer has been terrible the last two years, 8 point difference in SV%, what has he proven?

        The job has been Reimer’s for the taking for two seasons. He’s never stepped up. Just because you like him doesn’t make the stats change.

    • Gary Empey

      You are right in the fact that it is a major insult to ask Bernier to take a pay cut. Leafs filed for this arbitration long before Lamoriello signed on though.

      To me the fact the leafs were so greatly out-shot last year tells the tale.

      There are some rules regarding trading players after arbitration.

      As for Reimer he has been here for five seasons, job has always been there for him to take.

      With the new coaches now in place I am sure both goalies will fare much better.

  • TGT23

    Bernier has not proven anything yet. I think a one season deal somewhere in the middle is perfect. I don’t see him as a starting goalie on a cup winning team so I wouldn’t be too eager to keep him happy.

    • TGT23

      nice to see there’s others out there that agree that Bernier has shown nothing in the way of being all that and to award him such would be a travesty….He had 2 seasons to prove himself and he has not done that…

  • BEDay

    I would love to see Reimer get a chance to win the #1 spot, but unfortunately with the team he will have in front of him, this may be the worst season for that to happen. Sign Bernier around 4 mil for 1 year and hope he can play himself into good trade bait when someone needs a goalie later in the year and the return for Bernier may be much higher.