Monday Mailbag: Too lazy for a title.


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@notreallylazer asked: Can the Leafs get Marcus Johansson, and should they?

Not likely. The only way this makes much sense is if the Capitals take back Tyler Bozak in return, both from a dollars standpoint and from a minutes one. This isn’t likely to happen; Johansson’s ask is 4.75 million and it goes without saying that Washington should be able to bring him down to below Bozak’s 4.2. Keeping in mind that he’s better at hockey than Tyler Bozak, and the fit isn’t there.

@kimathi_m19 asked: What are the Leafs’ chances at Auston Matthews like, considering the offseasons of other cellar dwellers?

The Buffalo Sabres and Edmonton Oilers are both better teams then they were a few months ago, but it’s unknown by how much. The Hurricanes are anyones guess, the Devils are a mess, and the Coyotes are approaching a level of bad that makes calling them a professional hockey team seem generous. Boston and Vancouver will undoubtedly be worse, but who knows how steep their fall will be. 

There’s a lot of question marks. Combine that with the fact that there are lotteries for more than just the top pick now, and the odds are anybodys guess. The Leafs are probably in a better situation to take a tank into their own hands than they were last year, though.

@shutupisaac_ asked: Who has better hair: William Nylander or Jeremy Bracco?

Bracco has a greasy flow, no doubt, but Nylander is a generational hair talent. No contest.



@nrandreycharles asked: How are things most likely to work with Lou on board? Will he want total control, or is he there to play the role of mentor?

With the dilligent attention-to-detail that Brendan Shanahan has put into building his staff, I don’t think that he would make a knee-jerk hiring that would throw a wrench into the team’s plans in the long run. Kyle Dubas is an obvious heir-apparent for this team, and they wouldn’t bring somebody in as contrasting as Lamoriello if they thought that Lou would shut everybody’s opinions out.

Not to say that him would. I don’t think you need to have War-On-Ice as your homepage to be open minded, and despite Lamoriello being very old school, what is now the “old guard” is a mindset based around his prior forward-thinking. With the resources he has and the vision he has probably been contronted on, I don’t think you’ll see dictatorship by any means. He’ll make the final says, but he’s part of the staff development process as well.

@YakovMironov asked: Should my neighbour take down his Christmas lights, or are we at the point where it counts as having them up early?

You’re looking at this the wrong way. People don’t use lights as a way to signifiy that Christmas is coming, they use the proximity of Christmas as an excuse to put lights up outside their door. I hope that your neighbour has actually been turning on these lights over the spring and summer, like the free spirit he should be.

  • Gary Empey

    @YakovMironov asked: Should my neighbour take down his Christmas lights, or are we at the point where it counts as having them up early?

    There are only 12 days of Christmas.

    Tell your neighbour to get his wife to take down the lights.

    Anyone seen those 7 maids a milking ?


    If that is all your neighbour is up to then calm down. You want to see the zoo I am living beside.

  • Gary Empey

    @shutupisaac_ asked: Who has better hair: William Nylander or Jeremy Bracco?

    Lamoriello has already asked them both to show up at camp with marine brush cuts.

      • Kanuunankuula

        Why didn’t we bring in Lou as a senior advisor? No need to toss away valuable draft picks given the team is rebuilding and needs to acquire assets. Everyone said that Lou wasn’t in it to be GM and how he is mentoring Dubas so this could work just as easily.