LFR: WHAT?!?! Lou Lamoriello new Leafs GM

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Leafs lockup new Lou in a mid-summer stunner!

  • Harte of a Lion

    I have the same queasy feeling I had when Carlyle was hired.

    Don’t go on about his age, that is not a factor as long as he’s healthy.

    We have had such bad hockey to watch for….decades now I fear we’ll now also be boring to watch. Kovalchuck I believe was ownership, not Lou, still, look at their roster now, yikes! He had some great building blocks, and worked with it, but when was his last cup? What does he have here? Next to nothing to build a foundation. I don’t like his autocratic ways, he his going to do things his way, results be dammed. I’d be OK if he’d been brought in as another voice, but I don’t like this move at all. Of course if he brings in a Kopitar like center, I might change my mind.

    How do they go through the draft, free agency, and a Kessell trade and then decide to hire outside? This is a very strange move.

  • CMpuck

    Shanny has talked Babcock and Lou into leaving better options for Toronto???

    Shanny is getting exec of the year in my books, let’s see what he can talk Stamkos into next summer.

  • CMpuck

    i believe Lamoriello was brought on more for his credibility and league wide respect. I feel like Dubas may have been overwhelmed with veteran GMs trying to take advantage of his limited experience. Maybe they didn’t take him seriously?

    Plus Lamoriello will most likely retire within the next 3-4 years, giving Dubas ample time to learn the trade and build credibility and eventually take over as GM.

  • CMpuck

    That…. that was a really terrific summary. Like, ‘slow clap’ good…

    I’ve haven’t watched any of your videos previously, just a Canuck fan scouring for hockey news in the dog days of summer and knew I’d find some interesting reads on the Leafs Nation blog. I was not expecting to be so perfectly informed and entertained… awesome.

  • Gary Empey

    I have a good feeling about this. Both Babcock and Lamoriello have track records in drafting developing players and that is what the Leafs need to do. With Hunter added to the mix won’t screw that up again.

    Dubas working with the Solars Bears…that’s exactly what a future GM should be doing.