The Steve Dangle Podcast – Jul 15, 2015 – The Bourne Podcastery


On this episode, Justin Bourne joins the show to talk about playing pro hockey, turning to writing, and lots of stories in-between. Get to know one of our favourite folks in the hockeysphere.

    • Kanuunankuula

      I found the Simmons interview to be a bit more of a butt kiss but I think these two were afraid of upsetting Simmons.

      This podcast seems more like buddies talking about hockey but I will say they don’t ask tough questions and let things slide like

      – the “inside” take on what outsiders don’t appreciate about hockey (specifically his comment on the narrative of how some NHL players don’t work hard). I want to see JB do system analyst of players who don’t work hard/have poor ethic. Maybe then I would be more open to it but this sounds like a typical MSM narrative.

      – The talk of the importance of fighting and gaining energy from fighting sounds like voodoo science. It sounds to me like the middle age practice of flagellance (whipping themselves) because it will make them a better person. I’m sure that kind of thinking made great sense at that time but today is considered barbaric. Fighting is the same magic thinking imo.

      If I compare this to say how Friedman or Mansbridge would interview a guess he would push on these points diplomaticaly rather then agree and let the concept slide.

  • BEDay

    You guys seems a bit out to lunch with the leaf rebuild (and not needing to be bad to be good). The leafs will not get anywhere near the cup without drafting elite talent. Sure Keith was a second rounder but what about Kane and Toews?

    As Burke said penguins model my arse. Let’s not repeat the Burke mistakes again.