LFR: Free Agents & Rebuild

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The Leafs have made a bunch of signings and moves. Are they good? Are the Leafs any better? How is the rebuild going? Here’s what I think.

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    Food for thought.
    If, by some miracle, Babcock can work magic with this roster, some of the “prove it” contracts yield some high goal total and good defensive play, Bozak still gets 50 points, Kadri plays like he did the lockout season, Lupul stays healthy and Bernier and/or Reimer manage to win games with help from the D, if the Leafs manage to be in a playoff spot ( lets say 6th), should we still trade all the one year deals for picks?

    • V

      Yes, the goal is to be a cup contender, not to just make the playoffs. If this roster plays way above their skill level and is a low seed playoff team that’s not what we’re looking for. Great the fans get some fun, but the important thing is still to look ahead.

      Which GM is more successful?
      GM1: My team made the conference finals and lost for 4 years in a row.
      GM2: My team sucked for 3 years then we won the cup.

      In my mind GM2 is the better GM. He made it to the final goal. If you believe GM1 is more successful then we can agree to disagree, both have their positives and negatives.

    • MatsSundin#13

      But why trade all the one year deals for picks as opposed to keeping some and trading some? Like Steve said in the video, if we can keep some guys around for the next couple years for cheap $ while the prospects develop and get really hungry for some NHL action, then we’ll be in a good spot without having too many picks to know what to do with.

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    I agree with what your saying.
    However, what kind of message is that sending to the players?

    You have done everything we have asked of you, exceeded expectations. We’re in a position to make the playoffs (and anything can happen, hate to bring up the leafs collapse, but no one expected them to even push the bruins to game seven, let alone be in a position to win it.) but yet we are trading most of you, to other teams contending for this year to hopefully slide out and get better long term?

    If I was a player, I’d be absolutely pissed.

    • Harte of a Lion

      They are not building a team to make the playoffs, they are building an organization to compete for the Stanley Cup every year.
      If every free agent we brought in has a career year, and we are in a playoff position at the deadline, I would still trade them all. They will be worth more and we can get better picks and prospects.

      Look at the lineup, even with Babcock’s Magic, the only way this team wins the cup is if the other 29 teams are wiped out in a natural disaster.


      Go Shanaplan we beleaf!

      • Gary Empey

        re ” Look at the lineup, even with Babcock’s Magic, the only way this team wins the cup is if the other 29 teams are wiped out in a natural disaster.


        Go Shanaplan we beleaf! “

        Though the Leafs are unlikely to win the cup they do have to potential to cause a lot of pain for other teams that have big plans. There are some members on this board who would enjoy seeing that happen.

  • Harte of a Lion

    After last years debacle I would be happy with a team that showed up and played hard. I believe management has made some very large strides in getting the prospect pool to improve drastically and am very willing to let them stay away from the big team for several years. Although I believe Nylander could definitely play this year in the nhl I believe another year minimum in the ahl will do wonders for him especially if they want him playing center.. Marner needs 2 years at least to put the weight on that he will need to play in the nhl.
    Phaneuf should be given the year to rebound and be used better but should be traded within the next 2 years for sure.
    Why the frack is Bozak still here lol.
    I have faith in Naz he is going to be a really good player.
    This is essentially the same nhl team as last year minus Kessel, new spare parts, and a shiny new coach, and I’m okay with that. I’d rather they take their time and make the proper moves and not reactionary moves.
    I like what Shanahan and co. Are doing I’d like to see what they can do over the next three years and see what this organization looks like then.

  • V

    I could see keeping JVR, Winnik and Matthias. These are larger players (Matthias is 6’4″ 223 lbs.) This would help balance out our smaller prospects.

    …add in Freddy the Goat and you have the potential for one big body on every line.

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    That would be best case scenario. But if they have good seasons, we cant’t expect to sign them cheaply. ex. Raymond, Macarthur.

    I have to say, I’ve been happy with most, if not all the moves since Dubas and Hunter have been here. So I’m optimistic about what they do. ( renewed optimism, seems to be the common trait amongst leafs fans)

  • CMpuck

    Forget being competitive, the fun will be watching who can emerge and take the next step and who will hopefully be a surprise breakout.

    Really hoping that Holland finds consistency, did not care about him going into last year but he had games where he looked really great.

    Rielly is going to be over analyzed, just hope he survives the scrutiny.

    Gardiner has all the tools to be something special.

    Lupul being showcased on the top line to become a moveable asset would be nice.

    Bozak winning some of the leash fans give to Kadri would make me smile. Not that either is great.

    Kadri? Prove me wrong kid.

    This is what will have me staying tuned, that reading a billion scouting reports on the draft’s top ten picks.

  • CMpuck

    FYI, no NHLNumbers.com is not taking Horton’s salary off. It stays until the first day of the regular season. (That’s a gross exaggeration of the mechanics; but it’s close enough). So, doing nothing at all besides putting Horton on the LTIR, the Leafs have around $13.5 mill or thereabouts.

    So, unless there are contracts coming in as a part of hideously lopsided deals (trading Nick Spaling for both Sedins, for instance), the Leafs won’t be a Cap team next season.