Everybody Has to Sign Sometime: Taylor Beck signed, avoids arbitration

There’s an old saying, “if you write about someone having an upcoming arbitration hearing, it will be settled within hours of you publishing it.” Clearly that is the case for Taylor Beck and I today

On Sunday our handsome Managing Editor provided some details on the Taylor Beck trade, which was already a huge win if for no other reason than Jamie Devane being gone from the Leafs organization. Throw in the fact that there is some potential offensive upside for Beck and this deal is far from a loser, baby.

The fact that Beck’s new contract is another one year deal gives a lot of insight into the Leafs approach, as even the younger players are being put in a situation to find our where it’s at this season and decisions will be made on whether they are Leafs after the trade deadline or the following season. 

His price comes in under the amount that would count against the cap if Beck was put on waivers and sent down to the Marlies, so the price is certainly right, and if he can’t stay with the Leafs it’s nobody’s fault but his own, but I doubt he’ll be dead weight. You certainly could say he took a Devil’s haircut on what he could’ve received in arbitration, but he was likely just looking for a one way contract.

Here’s a quick look at what the Leafs have in Beck (via War-On-Ice):


Pay no mind to the low CF% this season, as Beck primarily had defensive zone starts, and played alongside Paul Gaustad for most of the season. He many have been heavily sheltered in his previous cups of coffee in the league, but with the Leafs patchwork roster there’s no telling how he’ll be utilized until camp starts. 

Lord only knows why the Predators weren’t interested in Beck who is only costing a tad more than lost cause Jamie Devane, but I guess I’m doing fine with this deal. It should also be noted that I couldn’t work a Sexx Laws reference into this post naturally so I’m bringing it up now to satisfy the request of our site editor.