Phil Kessel: An Era Wasted

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Six years.

  • CMpuck

    You would have nailed Nonis to the cross for this trade….

    Dubas + Shanny love = hypocrisy

    Kessel, Sundin building around nothing…

    Maybe this is the bitter pill who knows

    The deal is border line adequate, just that, like being a Leafs fan. We love Kessel and hate Phaneuf so we keep Phaneuf, thanks MLSE

  • CMpuck

    I like Phaneuf more than Kessel! The opposition has scored 74 more goals with Kessel on the ice and only 7 more with Phaneuf. Considering Phaneuf has the hardest match ups in the nhl and Kessel is sheltered that speaks volumes. Leafs are so much better after the Kessel trade!

    Bye bye fatso!

  • jasken

    You are so messed steve I guess that’s why I enjoy watching you. 6 Years impressive you sure its been 6 let me know when you hit 10 years of watching Kessel with Bozak or wait you cant. Young fellows like yourself have now experienced the true feeling of the 80s welcome to the club.

    Wait until the movement at 10 years when all those young prospects like Kadri, JVR, Panik, etc.. get moved just because management really dont like them that much.

  • FlareKnight

    The leafs got a better return for Phil Kessel than Columbus got for Nash and Calgary got for Iginla. The iginla trade is one I would call dog crap meanwhile the Nash trade wasent enough for Nash. The leafs wanted back a first round pick w couple good prospects and a young roster player, that’s what they got. Kapenen is a great prospect high risk high reward Harrington is a good yound 22 y.o defensemen who will be good on the leafs top 4 and Spaling is a good young 26 y.o roster player who can maybe fetch a first rounder at the deadline. But WHO CARES WHAT IS DONE IS DONE!!!! Hamilton Seguin Kessel and Knight are ALL ON DIFFERENT TEAMS NOW!!!! This is a rebuild not just for roster but for the IDENTITY of the leafs. If Kessel Phaneuf Bozak Lupul are all part of the Burke era they should all be gone. Because the past SOX YEARS have proven that the traditional buy buy buy get this get that spend spend spend routine does not work!!! Far too many times have young prospects and picks have been traded for old crap players who have the saviour label on them. Remember when Phaneuf Kessel Lupul and Clarkson was suppose to be the Saviour of the franchise? Teams like LA and Chicago win cups is not because they have one Saviour but a team a whole group of fearless hero’s and leaders. Leadership and Defense wins cups, skill and speed are the tools utilized to get there.

    • FlareKnight

      I also do not believe that Shanny is the new Burke or Nonis. What they did was promise and promise and leave a trail of shattered hearts. The leafs wanted star players so they rush to get Kessel and Phaneuf they want trukulance so they give up speed skill and the future. Year after year they draft horribly and not much at all and that lead to this horrible roster with no clear direction identity or vision. Shanny did not make promises or guarantees. He just told us what the leafs need and got them. The leafs needed a more advanced way to look and analyze the roster so they brought Dubas they needed better scouting and cap management so they brought in Hunter and Pringham they needed a good coach so they brought Babcock. And the leafs are better for it. I mean would have Burke drafted Marner or Crouse? Or would they have gotten Korostelov in the seventh round? No. Shanny did. In one year the leafs got one of the strongest groups of Prospects in the NHL with 11-12 more next draft with Bozak Lupul and Phaneuf still here. The leafs needed quality depth so they go and get cheep quality FA’s for one or two years. Most importantly of all Shanny ADMITTED THE LEAFS NEED A REBUILD!!! A real rebuild with NO SHORTCUTS and he ACTED ON IT!!! No gm or owner in LEAFS HISTORY EVER DID THE SAME!!!! We know what direction the leafs are on so there are no surprises or heartbreaks. And Babcock said himself that he chose Toronto because of their commitment to build right. There IS NO REASON BE SAD!!! Because if Chicago Tampa Calgary Winnipeg Los Angeles and Boston could endure a rebuild so can Toronto. Another 5 years of tearing down and building up won’t hurt conparred to 50 years of crap. And the leafs prospect cupboard has never been so full of high end skill and talent so BRING IT ON!!!

  • FlareKnight

    6 years….what…why?

    What a terrible history for us all.

    And I agree with the video. Best of luck to Kessel. I’d love to see him go to the Pens and win the cup. I don’t even care that it’d make the 1st rounder suck. After the crap he had to endure while he was here, it’d be nice to see.

    • FlareKnight

      Not crazy about the return at all but very happy for Phil. Pittsburgh fans are thrilled to have him too.

      Sad about the parting shots which were uncalled for.. and blaming him for his hockey camp being cancelled was ridiculous. He can’t run it now according to the CBA. It looks like one else offered to do it.

      Phil actually has a mean slapshot–over 103mph, neat and very accurate- amazing considering the stick he uses. Afraid I don’t have a link but it’s likely on youtube, 2nd fastest shot against Stamkos, Seguin and several others a few years ago. Probably a “young guns” sort of thing. It was kind of neat to watch if you guys can find it.