Detroit Get Their Babcock Fix, Leafs Send Out a Camp Invite


Ken Holland has a problem. He’s been waking up in the night
with cold sweats, invisible bugs are crawling on him constantly that he has to
scratch, and at least 20 seconds of every minute he’s thinking about where he’s
gonna get his next fix. Ken Holland has a Mike Babcock addiction. Unfortunately
for him, it’s become an expensive addition to have, especially if you want pure
Mike Babcock, the market is limited and Toronto isn’t selling any of their good
stuff. This has left the Red Wings in search of a new supply, and they’ve found
the next best thing.


From The
Mack Report

Incoming Merrimack College freshman Michael Babcock has
been invited back to the Detroit Red Wings development camp, scheduled for
after this weekend’s NHL Draft.

Babcock, who is the son of former Red Wings head coach Mike
Babcock, has been at the Detroit camp for the past two seasons.

In 60 games this season with the USHL’s Fargo Force, Babcock
captained the team and finished with 12 points (4 goals, 8 assists). The
5-foot-9, 161-pound forwarded has been lauded for his hustle and effort.

The Wings are apparently playing the long game on replacing
Babcock. Bring his son into the organization, let him get a feel for the game,
and in 20 years or so, boom, you’ve got an elite head coach. This approach is
called the Stan Bowman method and it works pretty well, but could carry the
unfortunate side effect of a Corey Crawford contract.

In Actual Leafs News…

In that same report from The Mack Report it is mentioned
that the Leafs have invited Merrimack College’s 21 year old sophomore
goaltender Collin Delia to their Prospects camp. Delia had to solid seasons in
the NAHL before serving as a backup in the NCAA last season. In his 9 games
played, Delia put up an amazing .937 save percentage and had a GAA of 1.87.
Most importantly, Collin Delia is from Rancho Cucamonga, California which is
about the most joyful city name ever and that leads me to believe he has
tremendous character. How could he not?

Anyway, it’s probably a little early for Delia to be leaving
school, and the Leafs aren’t likely to give him a contract based off of nine
NCAA games and a short prospect camp, so Delia is likely a name to store in the
back of your head when it comes time to consider NCAA free agents next spring. 

  • TX Flame

    How bad is the Corey Crawford contract? Devan Dubnyk, almost out of the NHL at this time last year, now with a half season as a good NHL goaltender, is 29 and just got a 6 year deal for $25MM. Two years ago, Crawford, now 30, signed a 6 year $36MM deal which has 5 years to go. Crawford just won his second Stanley Cup and provides great NSFW quotes at parades. Would $5MM AAV be better than $6MM AAV? I think Stan Bowman knew the market when he signed Crawford.

    The Leafs should aspire to become the Blackhawks just as the Blackhawks aspired to become and surpass the Red Wings. But the Leafs are not ready to do (or even understand) moves teams like the Blackhawks make. They gave up a first round draft choice and a top prospect for 19 regular season games and the playoffs of Antoine Vermette. (Part of the price was for Arizona to retain salary on Vermette). Quenneville sat Vermette for two playoff games, reinforcing Chicago fans love/hate relationship and bewilderment with Quenneville. Vermette had 3 GWG in the playoffs and won 60% of his faceoffs.

    The Blackhawks are in the position to pay a high price because it means winning Stanley Cups. They may suck down the road. But think what we as Leaf fans what we would pay to win the Stanley Cup. Heck, think what we would pay to get to the second round of the playoffs. So I am not about to criticize a team that has won three of the last six Stanley Cups.

    • TX Flame

      Statistically Crawford is a very high end goalie. His high danger numbers are fantastic. People can argue whether he deserves every dollar of that contract or not, but I agree with you, the fact is, he’s a good goalie that’s won two cups. I think it’s pretty ridiculous to say that this such a horrible contract.