LFR: 2015 NHL Draft Recap

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The NHL Entry Draft has come and gone and I’m not devastated and disappointed with what the Leafs did.


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  • Kanuunankuula

    There will be more trade opportunities after the free agency period has run down when GMs who have failed to improve their roster start to look elsewhere.

    More parroting. This is the theme since yesterday, it wasn’t mentioned in the 4 weeks before.

    I didn’t say I knew anything, but if the leafs are trying to trade and haven’t, there asking more than others are willing to pay. By not unloading and getting picks (others did) they set part of this rebuild back a year. Another lost year is ahead. Took me a long time to accept that this team needs a tear down, but i’m not seeing it yet. I heard the parrots saying that it might not NOW be a tear down, but a hybrid/rebuild on the fly? We all know how that went. Even if you undersell Dion and Phil, if you move most of their cap then you can take on cap and get prospects for your trouble, see Lupul et Gardiner. What i’ve read is that the Leafs won’t eat as much cap as others would like. In Phil’s case, I’d rather see a mil or 2 a year staying put, then having to buy him out at at 32 at 30 whatever million a la Richards…either one of them. For our sake’s we better hope that Phil was just pouting for a year, and will bounce back. But what if it’s the start of the slide for Phil? No less that Mirtle said last week kessel was likely to be dealt before the trade. No mention of a rebuild on the fly or July one bonuses.

    • Kanuunankuula

      Eating a part of Phil’s salary would be hugely counterproductive. The whole point of the deal is get rid of the possible bad, last years of the contract. Not to get out of 2015-16. If you honestly don’t think that last year was an anomaly for him (I think it was), atleast give him the chance to bounce back under Babs. What will set back the rebuild years is giving away our best asset for nothing, just to get him out of here fast.

      • Kanuunankuula

        IF YOU have to eat part of his cap to get a deal done, you do it. Say we eat 2 mi, we still have 6 mil to eat someone else cap and get a prospect we’might covet. If not, than we have flexibility in the future if we want to add, just as an example Nash type player in 2-3 years. Plus you will get a player in return and probably a high draft pick, just not in the year I wanted at. Plus you’re safe from having to buy him out, just in case he is sliding. I’d hate to hold on to him one year too many, then we won’t be able to move him at all. I look at it from the other side, if I’m pitt or any team, I look at the huge cap and wonder how i’ll be able to work around it in the future if I need to trade for another piece, say if Letang can’t come back. Plus money aside, he’d score 60 playing with Malkin and Crosby. Just as a hockey fan to see what he could do with a proper skilled C. He might even talk to the media after games!

    • giproc

      Last time I looked, we acquired 8 prosects plus a defenceman with NHL experience over the weekend. How does that set the “rebuild” back a year? I believe that there is also going to be a further draft taking place in 2016 and beyond. You have no idea what offers, if any, have been received for any players on the roster. If Shanahan is to be believed, there were no concrete offers for any of them. I find it incredible that any Toronto fan is advocating that they should eat salary in order to trade one of the elite forwards in the league. Thank God you are critising from an armchair and are not actually in charge. Similarly, I couldn’t give two hoots what the media have to say on the subject. Are you seriously suggesting that the Leafs should be taking advice from the likes of Steve Simmons?

  • SEER

    Steve, it’s not worth trading out big names because we have to ice a team next yr? Are you going to say that a month from now when they’re all gone(Not holding my breath)? This sounds like a cop out to me, all the media and media types who kept parroting the same thing. Phil, Dion, etc, will be traded if not now than on the draft floor, to get picks for the deepest draft in history! Bollocks! Turns out none of them knew what they were talking about. I’m less than pleased they didn’t move out this toxic base. Did you watch the last 30 games last yr? We could trade all of them and still ice a team without bringing up all the kids. Those bad contracts, the leftovers, UFA’s and UFA straggler. We don’t have to ice a good team, after all we’re doing a rebuild. All I saw was teams making moves and getting better, and the Leafs stood still. I hope you’re right and they move most of the toxic assets out for prospects and picks, but it looks to me like this was a missed opportunity to get some nice building blocks this year. Now we wait another yr, like last years lost season. Remember, we tried to sign Bolland and re resigned Randy? This patience everyone is drooling about looks more like fear. The shanyplan, pft, he’s never built a team before, doesn’t mean he can’t, but I don’t know why people have blind faith he can do it. In a year and a bit, he hasn’t done much except fire everyone that was wearing a tie.

    • Kanuunankuula

      At the risk of stating the blindingly obvious, it takes two to tango. If there isn’t a trading partner who is willing to offer “prospects and picks” for players on the roster, what exactly do you suggest that the Leafs management are supposed to do? You do realise that Kessel and Phaneuf are both due to receive signing bonuses in July, right? Any GM who is thinking of making an offer for either of them would have to be exceedingly dumb to do it before those were paid. The new season is three months away; it is pretty ridiculous to be criticising Shanahan and Co because they aren’t accepting the first bag of pucks that they are offered.
      If the word is that Bozak is available for a second round pick and nobody is prepared to offer that, I fail to see what more can be done at this stage. He is worth more than a third rounder, no?
      The current strategy is spot on. Other teams know that most of the roster are available for the right offer. The ball is in their court. Giving up players for nest to nothing just for the sake of it would be beyond stupid.

      • Kanuunankuula

        ALL good points. I’m assuming that they are less toxic apart, but this core is awful and has to go. If what you said is true, and a GM would have to be an idiot to trade before July 1, then why was everyone and their dog saying it was going to happen in the last month/draft floor? My point was it’s a cop out to say we can’t trade five or six of our core because we’d have no one to play for us. That wan’t mentioned much either. Also, it takes two to tango, but one has to ask for the right return, if there’re asking for the moon, they’re not going to get it not with those contracts, so maybe they should be doing whatever it takes to move these players out, so we can get what we get, and we make room for the next group of core players, because this core has failed in spectacular fashion the last 4 seasons and I can’t watch it anymore, last yr was the worst hockey I’ve seen played at any level, except maybe my Nephews timbits league. Thats saying something I”ve see a lot of bad leafs seasons in my four plus decades.

        • Gary Empey

          How do you know what return is being demanded? What is the rush to do anything? There will be more trade opportunities after the free agency period has run down when GMs who have failed to improve their roster start to look elsewhere.
          What you seem to miss is that the Leafs don’t have an alternative “core” to replace anyone with. They don’t have a load of prospects who are ready to make the jump to the big league. As far as I am concerned, it would be a huge mistake to bring up Nylander, Leipisic, Brown etc at this stage. Therefore if the Leafs trade their core players, they need to have someone coming back to replace them even if it means taking on a bad contract. “Doing whatever it takes to move these players out” is a lot easier said than done and inevitably means giving up players for less than what they are actually worth. Since they don’t have cap issues forcing their hand at the moment, what would be the point of doing that? More to the point, if trading Bozak for example means taking on a bad contract in return, why bother?

  • giproc

    For me the issue is not Kessel’s talent, nor his contract, nor last year’s bad attitude, nor a potential resurraction this year. His ability to generate goals and assists is and will be sublime.

    But Kessel’s annual 80 points don’t produce the only points that matter for the Leafs… wins. On a solid team that can cover for his defensive deficiencies and blatant zone exit cheating, he can be a top 10 talent and potential champion.

    The Leafs aren’t that team and most likely won’t be able to compensate by using 2 top dmen and a superb two-way 1C for Phil within his prime years.

    I think we already know what Kessel is and how he reacts to different systems. Best to move on. Keeping him for another year is simply delaying the inevitable.

  • SEER

    GROWING: Martins Dzierkals Montage

    –> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=av5xi8C8dXU

    *Not the greatest amount of 2014-15 footage in this one, guys.. sorry…
    Some of the European & Russian players are hard to get video for… (i.e.: I did two videos now for Sohnikov.. and both were not allowed on you-tube.. banned worldwide..????

    I need some good useable video for Sosh, Steve.. Know you have connections..