MOVERS AND SHAKERS: Leafs Trade Ross, Pick for Marincin

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Photo Credit: Perry Nelson/USA TODAY Sports

Amidst all the hype and speculation about who the Toronto Maple Leafs would trade away or draft, the team has thrown the masses a curveball, by actually acquiring some present talent. In a late morning shocker, the blue and white have sent Brad Ross and a 4th round pick to the Edmonton Oilers for Martin Marincin.

While many have been quick to point out that this officially ends the Brad Ross experiment in Toronto, his departure has been a foregone conclusion for weeks now. Ross recently signed a one-year deal with the Iserholn Roosters of the DEL with a player option for a second year. Combined with his banned substance suspension and his sluggish development, and it was very unlikely that the team was going to submit a qualifying offer to the 23 year old. As for the fourth round pick, the Leafs had already made six selections in the top 100, and likely felt confident enough in the players they selected to pick up a player who was a little further ahead of schedule.

Marincin is a very interesting pickup for the Leafs. While they aren’t in pressing need for more defencemen, there are plenty of names that could potentially be on the market in the coming weeks, and in Marincin, they get someone who can fill a spot. Also 23 years old, Marincin has put up positive relative possession numbers with the Oilers in both of his half-seasons with the team, despite being deployed in tough situations through all of this season.

Marincin’s skating ability is surprising for a player of his 6’4, 205 pound build. He’s very calm with the puck, and is able to use his instincts to move his team out of their own zone in a controlled manner. While he’s far from an offensive dynamo, his ability to move play into threatening areas makes him a great option to play with more skilled linemates. In an ideal situation, Marincin develops into a very good second pairing defenceman.

No word yet on whether this is the only roster move of the day for the team.

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  • Harte of a Lion

    This is a fantastic pick for the price. There’s a very good chance Brad Ross and the 4th won’t hit 200 NHL games combined whereas Marincin is already well on his way.


  • CMG30

    Ya you got a good one here. Don’t expect him to hit to many people, he’s just not that kind of player. Instead he focuses his energy on things like stripping pucks, not turning over pucks, limiting shots, driving possession and getting pucks out of his own end up to the forwards. All in all, he should flourish under Babcock.

    Basically this type of player is an anathema to MacTavish and his cronies. In their view of the game, the primary function of a defense man is to hit and fight. Maybe throw a few dirty elbows in the corner.

  • STAN

    … and Chiarelli had seen enough of Marincin to make this call? Or did he trust C-Mac, the idiot with an MBA.

    I hope this comes back to burn those arrogant jerks in Edmonton.

  • STAN

    Arrogant jerks in edmonton? How about the edmonton is a sh!t hole and McDavid won’t sign a contract leaf fan jerks? Don’t give if you can’t take it idiot

  • TGT23

    Nothing brings Leaf fans together more than fleecing an organization who we dislike. Especially one whose fans have spent months being overly arrogant about themselves.

  • TGT23

    Nothing brings Leaf fans together more than fleecing an organization who we dislike. Especially one whose fans have spent months being overly arrogant about themselves.

  • TGT23

    LOLOILERS STRIKE AGAIN!!! WHAT A STEAL!!! top 4 defenceman for peanuts! thanks again chiarelli 🙂 pair him with gardiner! they should be good together. he’s a more stay at home guy who isn’t an actual pylon and can make passes/skate while gardiner roams free. thank you jesus!!!

  • Harte of a Lion

    I love these armchair scouts. Up n Down and back and forth we go…
    Obviously Hunter and Dubas saw something in this kid they liked and feel Babcock can bring out the best in him.
    Edmonton needed the roster spot for Gryba so Chirelli valued him over Marincin.

    Remember kids,… Opinions are like A$$holes, everybody has one

  • SEER

    Have to agree, Harte… I used to say that last line you used.., all the time, on the now closed Leafs Board.. This guy is “just” starting to really come into his own.. and at very close to 6″5″, over 200 lbs… and some NHL games under his belt already, he is a nice, cheap addition for the 2015-16 blueline…

    He also played in World Juniors with Panik.., so it appears to me that they are making a lot of familiar connections, with who they are bringing in..

    Another one for you guys, just hot off the cutting-room floor..