Movers and Shakers: Leafs Trade Down… Again, Get Two Picks From Columbus

Screencap via Leafs TV

The Toronto Maple Leafs continue to stockpile draft picks, having traded down once again. Striking a deal with the Columbus Blue Jackets, the Leafs have moved down from 29th overall for both the 34th and 68th overall picks. 

To paint a larger picture, Toronto has flipped the 24th pick for the 34th, 61st and 68th picks. That’s two second round picks and a third. 

This might come as a disappointment to some, but don’t despair. While TLN favourites Travis Konecny (Philadelphia Flyers), Anthony Beauvillier (New York Islanders) and Nicholas Merkley (Arizona Coyotes) were all selected after Toronto moved down the draft order, there are going to be some seriously talented players still available at #34.

In our TLN Draft Rankings, we named AIK’s Oliver Kylington, Sherbrooke’s Jeremy Roy, Charlottetown’s Daniel Sprong, Prince George’s Jansen Harkins, the USNTDP’s Jeremy Bracco, and Barrie’s Rasmus Andersson among our top 30 prospects… All of them are still available after tonight’s festivities.

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  • FlareKnight

    That 61st pick is so late you might as well call it a third round pick. A 1st for a second and 2 thirds. It’s technically more shots at the dart board which is nice.

    But it’s also a bit frustrating to sit watching a draft for a few hours for no good reason.

  • STAN

    This all makes perfect sense for Hunter and Dubas’ first crack at an NHL draft, having judged that there’s appreciable difference between 24 and 60.

    If you can get two guys in that zone rather than one, go for it. These bodies can always be flipped down the road. But if Hunter is the crack talent scout he is said tp be, perhaps those extra picks he’s getting tomorrow will be sleepers.

    As for Marner, I think hunter would have taken him wioth the third pick. Its not just his talent, but his character. The guy just hates to lose.

    Much like the Blue Jays Josh Donaldson. It’s never over til it’s over.

    Saturday should be fun.

  • MatsSundin#13

    I agree with you FlareKnight it was frustrating watching the Bettman walk up to the podium knowing the Leafs had traded their pick, but I hope Dubas and Hunter are able to get the guys they want with the larger volume of picks. Lots of available talent (especially with that move by Boston eh) so it’ll be interesting. Thanks for the coverage Justin!

  • Gary Empey

    I always keep an eye on my home town club the Canucks and of course the leafs in the draft. Ironically despite the cleansing of the rot some how the chief scouts Ron Delorme for the Canucks and Dave Morrison for the leafs survive.

    Fascinating to see the $50 million dollar man being over ruled by the what maybe million dollar man Hunter in choosing Marner. Now maybe there will be two Patrick Kane’s in the league, the leaf fans sure hope so. The moving down and down and getting extra draft picks, well one can only hope that the leafs will have more success than pass years with second or third round picks. Quick, how many second or third rounders are currently in the leaf line up.

    No surprise that none of the failure core got moved in the draft. All of the negatives of Kessel, Phaneuf and company are shining like giant neon signs. Leaf fans should just be happy to get them out of the organization and take the realistic offers teams give the leafs.

    Now the G.M. of the year Masai Ujiri showed why he is ranked so highly as he got rid of the slowest most inept point guard in the league in Vasquez for a first round pick and a second.

    • TGT23


      Let me ask you guys;

      Has there been a Leafs trade, signing, draft pick or hiring outside of Babcock that you haven’t immediately disliked?

      This includes moves where you say “yeah, but they didn’t” and then complain how they didn’t make a complete different and unrelated move. Like CM about moving Kessel/Dion in a thread about turning one pick into three.

    • TGT23

      The rare triple post, FTW!

      But for “those of you” who like to think this site is full of homers and PPP are the real voice of smart Leaf fans…

      PPP love Marner AND trading down from 24 to 29 to 34, 61, 68.

  • jimbobray

    Trading a first round quality choice for quantity. Chances are slim that 3rd rounds pick will ever play more than a handful of NHL games, much higher chances for a late first round pick. Perhaps Leafs are looking to stock the Marlies.

    But they should have at least kept the 29th pick and got Nick Merkley, who was rated 17th by McKenzie and 14th by Hockey Prospects. He’s a 190 lb centre with great work ethic, look what he did for Kelowna this year, 90 pts in 72 games, and 27 points in 19 playoff games including 5 (3 and 2) points in the Memorial Cup.

    Dubas and company seem a little too smart for their own good sometimes.

  • CMpuck

    Another BIG DAY where the script remains the same.

    Trade one of the horses already, have to wait till the deadline for the next chance to be released from chastity.

  • Gary Empey

    Justin is correct here. Surprisingly there will still be lots of good prospects left at #34. That still leaves us with 61,65, and 68. It will be those sixties ones where good scouting finds those gems.

  • Gary Empey

    My opinion, based on scouting reports, was that the players that make the 2015 draft special would be gone by the 21st pick, and by trading down and down, Toronto management appear to feel that way too. The 5th/11th, 16th and 21st picks would have yielded D-man Hanifin, Zboril or Chabot, and centers Barzal, White and Grigorenko, and maybe Huberdeau. = Marner – Barzal – Nylander / Huberdeau – White / Grigorenko – Dergachev // Rielly – Zboril – Andersson. = who cares if the return isn’t ‘enough’. They had this one chance to pull the trigger. The 2015 draft is now a wasted chance, with Leafs supposedly great new organization no better in the draft than 29 other teams. 2016? Same management = same results. Maybe it’s management by committee rather than a leader with cold feet, that’s to blame.
    Leafs could pick Blackwood 34th Other players with a high floor, and useful, although not elite – Andersson, Meloche, Dergachev, Bracco – could be drafted in the bottom half of the 2nd round, maybe with a pick for Bozak. If the Leafs took puck-moving Andersson and Meloche with 34th and 41st, maybe this draft won’t end up a disaster. With the top 3 forwards as Marner, Nylander and Johnson, the Leafs need to over-compensate with some big bottom-six forwards like Jordan Greenway with the 61st, and Nicolas Roy and Filip Ahl with the 65th and 68th. Bottom-pairing D-men World Juniors best D-man shut-down Gavrikov and SEL best D-man puck-moving Aho can be picked at 95th and 107th. There are some other European forwards with high floor but uncertain ceiling, like Yakov Trenton 65th Nikita Koroslalev 68th and Kiril Pilipenko 155th/185th, or Jens Looke 65th/68th and Alexei Saarela 125tth/155th = Maybe still able to have lots of depth, but only 2 or 2 elite players, vs. 6 or 7.