It’s Official: Leafs Win The Kessel Trade

After years of back and forth, the Toronto Maple Leafs have roared back from behind to win the Phil Kessel trade over the Boston Bruins.

As you might remember, former Leafs GM Brian Burke wasn’t at all that fond of the long rebuild. That’s why, in 2009, Burke sent a 2010 first round pick, a 2010 second round pick and another 2011 first round pick to the Boston Bruins for a 21-year old Phil Kessel. 

At the time, it looked suspicious. Toronto didn’t have any prospects of note, and could have really used those three picks. A year later, it looked even worse. The Leafs would finish second last that season, and the Bruins would draft an absolute stud in Tyler Seguin (and Jared Knight in the second round). Two years later, when Boston selected Dougie Hamilton with that other first round pick, well… Yeah, it was bad.

And today? Oh man… Not bad at all.

It’s true that the Boston Bruins won a Stanley Cup shortly after the Kessel deal, but really, who cares? These days success is all about building real dynasties, like the Chicago Blackhawks, or something. I can’t even remember the Bruins winning the Cup. All I remember is, like, Vancouver in flames and Brad Marchand getting a crappy tattoo. These days, the Bruins aren’t even making the playoffs.

The Stanley Cup victory doesn’t matter. What matters is that Boston squandered that Kessel trade in hilarious fashion. First, Tyler Seguin didn’t play “Bruins Hockey”, and was traded to the Dallas Stars a collection of players that, let’s face it, are not even close to being as talented as Tyler Seguin. Second, Jared Knight (a disappointment) was flipped to Minnesota for Zack Phillips (another disappointment), so that’s fun. 

And lastly, today, the trifecta has been completed with Dougie Hamilton – another stud that will be worth every penny his new team pays him – dealt to the Calgary Flames for a collection of picks. By all means, those picks could turn out to be good players down the road, but what exactly is Boston doing here anyways?

Suddenly, the Phil Kessel trade becomes very clear. Sure, Toronto may trade Kessel tonight, and Seguin may very well be better than him already, and Hamilton may very well be an excellent young blueliner. The point is, Boston juggled and mismanaged their young talent so poorly (and obnoxiously! “Bruins Hockey” my butt) that there’s no way we can call them anything but losers in this deal.

Congratulations, Toronto. You won the Kessel trade.

  • FlareKnight

    So basically we both lose?

    I’m glad to agree that Boston lost, but we didn’t win. The Kessel trade never lead to anything and we’re going to move him for…something that probably won’t be 2 1sts and a 2nd.

    We can laugh at Boston but while we are the team rebuilding they have way more picks in this draft than we do.

      • FlareKnight

        I’ll be plenty joyful once we get through this rebuild done properly. I’ll be joyful once we make a good pick at 4. But, Boston who has a cup and amazingly a head start on a rebuild in comparison to us not getting the best of the Kessel trade….I’m not up with that.

        Doesn’t seem like we’re in a position to laugh at anyone right now.

        • FlareKnight

          You have plenty to be happy about. We have a management team that has a plan and will stick to or regardless of the TO media whores and the crazy fans who are “on board” but believe that keeping the flawed core is right because Babcock will do magic or because ROR will be another saviour or because the moon is made of cheese…
          If you had the opportunity to listen to Shanny at the media address yesterday take apart a reporter for asking a stupid question, you would still be smiling.
          A toast to Shanahan and his ShanaPlan.

          • FlareKnight

            After the talk that Burke gave when he came in, I’ll wait and see for results and on-ice changes before giving Shanahan a big hand. He’s done a fine start with cleaning up the management side, but that is like a quarter of the battle.

            Will hope for the best and prepare for the Leafs :).

  • Just because they mis-managed the assets they acquired in the deal doesn’t make them the loser in my opinion. I look at it as Seguin & Hamilton FOR kessel. And I say they won that deal.

    I don’t think how long a player lasts for a team, or who they got traded for in the future, are a good way of gauging how good a trade was.

  • FlareKnight

    the only person who won the kessel trade was burke. he ruined the leafs (not just with the kessel trade that robbed the team of depth draft picks but his others moves) and now is president of flames while leaf fans bear the brunt of his incompetence