The 2015-16 Leafs Schedule

Unfortunately real life doesn’t have a simulation option, and the Leafs will have to play games in order to get through next year. As a result the Leafs have posted their schedule for the upcoming year. Of course, there will be exciting new faces, and a Mike Babcock coaching system that will make that more bearable than the season we just went through. 

The Leafs PR Team has already provided some summary analysis of the schedule. 

There are a few key dates worth noting (a list that will only grow once Leafs are traded away to new teams)

Friday October 9th- The second game of the season features Mike Babcock’s regular season return to Detroit. He’ll have already been back in the preseason, but that won’t prevent this game from receiving hype.

Monday November 30th- Connor McDavid makes his ACC debut when the Oilers come to town.

Wednesday January 6th- The start of the always interesting California road trip.

Saturday April 9th- The final game of the season which amazingly enough is against the Devils, not the Canadiens.

I’m sure we’ll have much more on key dates as trades start creating them, but until then, enjoy the sortable schedule below.

The Schedule for the preseason can be found here.

  • MASSIVE run of home games late in the season – 18 of 25. I’m not pretending like the Leafs will be contending this season, but it’ll be interesting to see how they work through a ton of early road games.

  • TheKert

    Hmm, went through the schedule before seeing the Leafs PR tweet here and I only came up with 15 back-to-backs.

    From my list below, can anyone spot which I’m missing? Or are they wrong? My first thought was I might have missed a 31st/1st or something like that but can’t see that anywhere, and have gone over the full list 3 times now, but I could just be blind.

    1) Oct 9-10
    2) Oct 16-17
    3) Oct 30-31
    4) Nov 6-7
    5) Nov 14-15
    6) Nov 20-21
    7) Dec 2-3
    8) Dec 21-22
    9) Dec 29-30
    10) Jan 6-7
    11) Jan 26-27
    12) Mar 2-3
    13) Mar 12-13
    14) Mar 28-29
    15) Apr 6-7

  • MatsSundin#13

    Guys, I respect your opinion that you just want to get through this upcoming season and I see where you are coming from, but I wholeheartedly feel the other way. For me, I can’t wait to see how this season plays out with Babcock behind the bench and how the players take on the rebuild. I’ll be watching every game on the computer and be cheering from down in Virginia, because as someone born in Newmarket I love watching the Leafs even if they lose, but that is just me.