Movers and Shakers: The Shanaplan for the Draft

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It’s just over 24 hours until the start of the draft, and still the NHL hasn’t topped the excitement of the McKegg for Hyman trade this week. Not overly surprising as it seems to be tradition to have everything go down the day of the draft in hopes it causes every other team to scramble to react. What really ends up happening is that one big trade you thought would lead to a zillion others winds up being the big trade of the weekend and other than that a few teams are just gonna shuffle the order of the draft. 

That’s why it’s not overly surprising when Brendan Shanahan spoke today it was less than exciting, and purposely designed to remind us that nothing is etched in stone, and nothing is imminent. Of course you can take what he said a number of different ways, and that’s what we’ll do.

Yeah, no kidding you’re getting a bunch of trade calls the day before the draft. Thanks for the nothing statement. While the no rush part is comforting, and makes me feel all options will be exhausted, the no deadline isn’t necessarily true. There has been plenty of talk about the Leafs wanting additional picks in the top sixty, and that deadline is Saturday. If you are saying there’s no deadline on specific players, that’s good, as any player who is paid a bonus on July 1st might become a better trade target for cash strapped teams, and after the small list of somewhat decent UFAs are gone, it might become a better time for the Leafs to deal.

From our point of view it only goes two places, we have an exciting day of trades and debate or the Leafs draft two very good players at the spots they are presently assigned and we appreciate having better prospects than we did yesterday.

Not at all surprising the best Leafs player has garnered the most interest, but “how could this be?” you ask, “Bill Watters assured me no one would take that contract.” Coming off a season where every team in the league believes they need to add more offence it’s not surprising that there’s interest in Kessel. It’s an unfortunate reality that teams manage their money so poorly that it’s insanely difficult to make a straight forward trade for him.

While we all have Leafs players we want to see dealt, this is a very good point. Mike Babcock by even the lowest expectations of him should be able to help the Leafs improve on their dismal 2014-15 season, and as a result it’s likely that several of these players will see their stock increase. There’s a silver lining in everything.

This isn’t a bad thing. In fact it’s a pretty freakin’ great thing.

Of course…

All these responses can simply translate into a message to 29 teams around the league, and that message is fairly simply, “IMPROVE YOUR DAMN OFFERS.”

It’s not fair to take you through a full Shanahan post and not leave you with a single idea of what the Leafs are trying to do, so here you go…

Now whether that means the Leafs are acquiring multiple 2nd round picks, or a 2nd and a player I don’t know, but I assume there’s more to it than the Leafs offering someone the chance to pick earlier out of the goodness of their hearts. Or they have Cliff Fletcher taking trade calls.

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  • giproc

    I will be disappointed if they don’t pick up another 2015 first and a second rounder and trade at least a couple of the cores before 7pm Friday evening.

    The #4 is nice. The #24 is nice, but they’re already old news and too predictable. What I’m waiting for is bold moves to remove all doubt to the direction the Leafs are taking.

  • SEER

    First of all, this is off topic…, but I keep forgetting to hunt down the posts and wanted to say thanks to all the posters who thanked me for the videos I do… I hope to keep it going in 2015-16…

    I have a lot of faith in our choices for this draft, because Hunter & Dubas don’t have Nonis and others giving them added input… Shanny has really impressed me with his decisions, too…

    Doubt if I’ll be in here again before the Draft starts, so … if everything remains pretty consistent/(relatively close to the final order) in the picking order, here’s who I would really like to see join the Leafs:


    1 – Dylan Strome

    24 – Nick Merkley

    65 – Anthony Cirelli

    95 – Dmytro Timashov

    109 – Jacob Jaremko

    125 – Stephan Desrocher

    155 – Connor Moynihan

    185 – Kade Jensen

  • Gary Empey


    Breaking News: Dateline: Sunrise Florida: Florida’s Riot Squad Called In

    Edmonton Oilers shocked the hockey world this evening by picking American Noah Hanifin 1st overall. After a moment of silence where you really could hear a pin drop, the room erupted into complete and utter chaos. It was just like an old fashion hockey brawl except it was the suits and ties for once. Tables and chairs were flying everywhere. Perrier water bottles were actually being used as clubs. GM vs GM were seen paired off throwing ’em just like Wendel Clark used to do.
    No gunfire was heard as Canadians seem to prefer to duke it out.
    When the parents and prospects in the audience, got into it Florida’s Riot Squad had to be called in to quell the mayhem. Order was soon restored and after a few stitches, band aids, the odd tie for a sling, everyone sat back down to finish the draft. Just like Sudbury Saturday Nite, the tension seemed to have now left the room and GMs were seen laughing and hugging some even kissing.
    The only serious injury seemed to have been to poor Gary Bettman the commissioner of the National Hockey League, who unfortunately slipped and fell trying to exit the building. He may of also had an embarrassing personal accident and was in desperate need of a change of clothes. As Bettman was wheeled out he appeared to be in a catatonic state and was unable to answer reporters questions. At a press conference from the hospital however, Bettman did say ” I am so sorry” “I panicked” “I thought those GMs were after me over the salary cap”.
    Meanwhile back in the City of Edmonton itself, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police were called in too late to stop the fans from burning down the Rexall Place Arena. North of Edmonton all roads had to be blocked as busloads of drunken, angry hockey fans from Fort McMurray were seen armed with picks, shovels and hockey sticks heading straight for downtown Edmonton. Some fans from Peace River did manage to get through but as the arena was already long gone they just walked around in a daze.
    In Calgary a few citizens were hospitalized with uncontrollable fits of laughter.
    For those that are interested, after some confusion as expected Buffalo picked American Jack Eichel and nearly touched off a second disturbance. Finally to a standing ovation Arizona took Connor McDavid who may have re-injured his hand in the ruckus. Toronto took Mitchell Marner who had Mark Hunter’s back during the melee.
    Round two is not expected to be as dramatic.
    As long as I live I don’t think I will ever really understand Canadian hockey or their strange fans.
    I don’t really understand why picking two nice American boys first overall would cause such a fuss Can’t our American kids play hockey too?
    Whatever happened to Peter Puck ? I used to love that little guy.
    I do hope Don Cherry does a Coach’s Corner on this and explains what really happened.
    Lastly if anyone knows what that Leaf Nation is, please email me ASAP. I was kind of wondering if it was that French State that is always trying to separate from Canada.
    Homeland Security needs to know about these guys.
    Also if you have a DVD of Slapshot please include it as the police refuse to return my VCR.

    • MatsSundin#13

      This is just too funny man, thanks for the laughs 🙂
      I definitely feel comfortable with the current management running this draft – my only question is will Shanahan come up on stage this year? Remember last year he did not and he stayed at the table as Nonis announced Snizzbone, something to keep our eyes on (I think he’ll stay down and either Dubas or Hunter will make the formal announcement).