Report: No New GM for Leafs by the Draft, Wings Open to Trading Top Pick, Mantha

Here’s a cold hard fact for you – Elliotte Friedman and Damien Cox kill it on a weekly basis with their second intermission Saturday Headlines segment. This week, they didn’t disappoint, sharing several interesting reports that directly impact your beloved Toronto Maple Leafs.

Most notably, Cox reports that Toronto will not be bringing in a new GM in the next couple weeks…

There’s going to be one team in two weeks at the NHL Draft without a general manager, and that’s going to be the Toronto Maple Leafs. They will not hire a GM before the draft. Brendan Shanahan decided he’s happy to do the draft, and any deals they might make – including ones for Dion Phaneuf, Phil Kessel, whoever – as long as he gets input from Mark Hunter, Kyle Dubas and the rest of their existing staff.

This is, in my humble opinion, good news. All signs point to Hunter and Dubas being more than capable of running a draft table, and they both did pretty damn well at the trade deadline in maximizing returns for assets. Instead of rushing a new decision maker into place before the draft, and perhaps giving up more draft pick compensation to do so, it’s best just to sit tight and let your current group run things.

Detroit Willing to Trade Top Pick, Mantha

Neither of Cox or Friedman mentioned the Leafs here, but let’s revisit the Phaneuf-to-Detroit rumours from the trade deadline, shall we? At the time, it was reported that the Red Wings, who were seriously interested in bringing Dion into the fold, were unwilling to part ways with significant assets to do so. According to Cox, Detroit may have softened its stance on that…

At the trade deadline, they did not want to part with either their first round pick or Anthony Mantha. They are now willing to look at both of those. Their first round pick is 19th overall.

If I’m the Leafs, I’m calling up my old friend Kenny Holland right away and reopening negotiations on a potential Phaneuf deal. Why?

Yes, please.

Leafs Looking For New Goalie Coach

One of the many positions that Shanahan and the Leafs have not filled yet is the goaltending coach. According the Friedman, Toronto is interested in speaking to Los Angeles Kings coach Kim Dillabaugh…

The Toronto Maple Leafs are one of the teams, the Philadelphia Flyers another, who are still looking for a new goalie coach. One of the people who interests them […] is Kim Dillibaugh. He is a coach that both Toronto and apparently Philadelphia would like to interview. The Kings have block him in the past – it will be interesting to see if they allow him to talk to teams after the draft.

As Friedman also mentioned, Dillibaugh is the #2 goaltending coach behind former NHLer Bill Ranford. According to the Kings’ official site, Dillibaugh has been with Los Angeles for eight seasons and oversees all goaltending development. That means he has to be pretty familiar with both Jonathan Bernier and Leafs goalie prospect Chris Gibson.

  • RedLightRaycroft

    Phaneuph, Polak, 5th round pick to Detroit for 1st round pick, mantha and a 2nd or 3rd round pick? Then maybe Kessel to Philadelphia for 7 overall pick, 29 or 30 th overall pick and Laughton? Maybe throw in Komorove of need be to sweeaten the deal? We could have 4 or 5 first round picks on this draft and 4 or 5 more for next year’s draft when we are done!!!

    • RedLightRaycroft

      Think it over, the deal in place at the deadline was Phaneuf by himself for Weiss and Smith. If the Red Wings are willing to include either Mantha or their 1st pick in a deal now that’ll be fantastic. If we want both Mantha and the 19th overall as well it’ll be some combination of Phaneuf and the 24th pick and a younger cheap forward (Possibly Holland?).

      • RedLightRaycroft

        We really do not know what was bantered back and forth between the Leafs and Red Wings other than what was reported.

        It was reported that the Leafs wanted Mantha as part of the Phaneuf deal however since our Management team never commented on the deal, (that’s the way to manage my beloved Leafs) other than to admit a deal was discussed, no one outside of Shanahan, Hunter, Dubas and Holland really know the details.

        Damien Cox is always making noise with his “inside knowledge” however the more he talks, the more I feel he is just another windbag reported trying to create stories where none exist… Re: his article in the Star that Shanahan and Co. Need to walk the walk not just talk the talk, when it comes to dismantling the team.

        If September comes and no changes have been made, that’s when he writes the article, not 2 weeks ahead of the draft. That is just BS in my humble opinion.

  • RedLightRaycroft

    I might have changed my mind about Marner over Strome. I said no to Strome, because he can’t carry the weight on his shoulders. But after looking at Buffalo and Edmonton down the middle, maybe if the Leafs get Strome, but also use Phaneuf to get White at 16th, and JVR to get Guryanov (and Grigorenko) at 21st, then that’s 6’3 Strome, 6’3 Grigorenko and ‘Bergeron’-like White (and 6’5 Gauthier) down the middle (and still Guryanov and Nylander on the wing, an Rielly and hanifin on defence)

  • RedLightRaycroft

    i would give up phaneuf and stuff for mantha. If hes available & they’d consider moving him for phaneuf, as long as its not a 1st we’d have to send with phaneuf I say get it done. Dude is going to be a beast