Canadiens, Flyers, Bruins reportedly among eight teams Kessel will accept trade to

With the Leafs supposedly shopping Phil Kessel hard in the days leading up to the draft, TSN’s Bob McKenzie dropped some knowledge on us regarding the options they may have in front of them.

In a piece published this afternoon ahead of tonight’s Finals tilt, McKenzie explained Kessel’s no-trade clause includes a list of eight teams he’s willing to be traded to, and indicated which teams might be on it.


Toronto is looking to rebuild and the Leafs’ veteran core players will generate varying degrees of interest. Most of them have limited no-trade clauses.
Kessel’s limited NTC is believed to include eight teams he can be traded to. Prior to the trade deadline, TSN reported those eight teams were believed to be: Boston; Chicago; Los Angeles; Minnesota; Montreal; New York Rangers; Philadelphia; and Pittsburgh.

This is all news to me. I’m not sure where I was at the trade deadline, but I can’t remember these teams being reported. Either way, quite the interesting list.

As McKenzie goes on to point out, this doesn’t stop Shanahan and company from finding another trading partner, they’d just likely have to get Kessel’s permission prior to pulling the trigger on a deal. Also, the way these no-trade clauses are often structured, the player can re-submit the list after each contract year. Though with the contract year expiring June 30th, that doesn’t do a lot to help the Leafs move him prior to the entry draft.

Personally I’ve always seen the Wild as a potential suitor due to Kessel’s ties to Minnesota, but the Vanek deal last summer sort of threw water on that idea. I wonder if there’s still something that could be worked out.

It’s difficult to imagine the Leafs trading Kessel to Montreal or Boston, two division rivals, unless the return was off the charts. And as for Chicago and Los Angeles, both are in cap hell so that would be insanely tough to pull off.

I floated the idea of targeting the Flyers’ seventh overall selection over twitter to some mixed reaction. With Toronto making it clear they’re trying to accumulate as many picks as possible in this draft, that might be an avenue they go down.

Another interesting thing to consider is if Kessel is looking to stay in Toronto, it would make sense for him to include all the cap-strapped teams on his list of potential destinations (h/t to Sharks blogger FearTheFin for that thought).

  • Brooksterman

    trade scenarios for each team
    Boston Hamilton and erikkson
    chicago Saad hjarlmasson* 2nd
    LA 1st toffoli
    minny Dumba Tuch and 2nd
    Montreal Gallagher Galchenyuk
    NYR Stall 1st
    Philly 1st Lecvlier coutourier
    Pitt KAppenen Bennet

    Funny how people say he wants to play in small market blah blah but yet he chose all big markets to play in

      • If he wants to stay than I really hope he does rw is the weakest part of the organization. And there’s maybe 2 guys in the league that’s a better winger. Move Jvr if you really need to break up the core. He will still get you a top 10 pick and is a year younger. As long as the core is dismatled having Kessel isn’t a bad thing. Move Lupul Bozak Phaneuf Robidas Polak one of Reimer and Bernier stock up on picks and prospects. Kessel doesnt hurt the team if hes here. Just have to surround him with the proper players Ovi same type of guy has Backstrom Kessel has ???

  • Brooksterman

    Not sure when or where but I saw this list (or one like it ) before. IT looks like the top 8 cap teams from last yr. Teams unlikely to be able to fit him under their cap. If he wants to play hardball, he won’t submit a new list till the end of the month. He lives in FLA for some of the year, and I would say they make a good trade partner and, their up and coming and they may need the help getting to the floor. FLA is the best match for a hockey only trade (no contracts traded) He would be the marquee player there and he could disappear after the game only needing to outwit the one reporter that follows the team. He says he likes living in Toronto, but each year he’s gone a day or two after the season, plus after last year, why would he want to force the issue to stay?

    • Kanuunankuula

      Fla is not gonna give anything of value though. I would want a blue chip prospect + pick(s), which I think is fair value. Tallon is not gonna go for that.

  • Brooksterman

    Kessel to Carolina. Not saying I like the idea but I think that’s the route that happens. Probably get their first, and a second rounder, and probably take semin back as a salary dump. Leafs would have to include other assets. Maybe a bozak, polak, or Kadri (and I like Kadri). Carolina’s GM has already said he doesn’t intend to do a rebuild so this would fit into their plans

    • Brooksterman

      Kessel is easily worth Carolina’s 1st and 2nd rounders on his own. But throw in Bozak and Kadri, and the whole package would be worth the Canes’ 1st, 2nd AND Jordan Staal.

      Jordan Staal would be a valuable piece which could be potentially be re-traded in a package deal to Arizona for the 3rd overall pick. Staal and maybe Gardiner for the 3rd overall.

      The Leafs would get a FILTHY HAUL in the 1st round IF they can pull this off! OH MAN…… Strome, Hanifin, and Marner with the 3rd, 4th and 5th overall picks, another talented player with 24th overall AND a 2nd rounder…..

  • Brooksterman

    Montreal would be the best choice imo. Good for hockey.

    Btw how much are the ticket price increases going to be this upcoming year?

    I think 200 a ticket might be a bit too much for me because I am not employed in the public sector.


  • Brooksterman

    For a trade to Montreal the starting point for me would be it has to include Fucale, 1st rounder, probably Tinordi, and Eller for cap reasons. My preference would be Columbus for 8th overall,34th overall (our second rounder), and Atkinson; or Florida for 11th overall, 41st overall, Grimaldi/Matheson, and possibly Gundbranson; or San Jose for 9th overall, 39th overall and prospect. Now I know we’ll probably not get all of that from any of those teams save for maybe San Jose, but for me the main pieces in all those are the 1st round picks except for Montreal. If it’s Montreal we shouldn’t even think about the trade unless either Fucale or Jacob de la Rose are in it.

  • Brooksterman

    Let’s call it what it is. Kessel is putting teams that have either no cap space, the leafs would not trade him to, or teams who don’t have the assets to bring him back. By doing this, Kessel actually has a list of teams less than 8. Putting teams that can’t take him is using his 8 team list to his advantage.

  • Brooksterman

    To me, it seems like he/his agent chose teams that either have no cap room and/or division rivals (less likely to be traded to.) I really think he doesn’t want to leave Toronto. By all accounts he has lots of friends here, both on and off the team, and his girlfriend is also from here. I don’t know why he would want to stay here, from the lack of success to the way he’s been treated by media and fans, but I think he does. Would be interesting if he refused to expand his list to allow for a trade (which he totally earned the right to do.)

  • CMG30

    Leaf fans are going to be disappointed on any return for Kessel. His contract is too long. If the Leafs actually want a significant return they will have to eat some of his salary.