First Round Targets: Jansen Harkins

Jansen Harkins is a name that could be applied to both a cop in a made-for-TV movie and a current junior hockey player.

The son of former NHLer Todd Harkins, the Prince George Cougars’ centre (and team leading scorer) is currently being projected as a late-first round option.

The Stats

Harkins’ draft year saw him manage 20 goals and 59 assists. His 35 primary assists ranked second among draft eligible WHL players, and 9th among draft eligble CHL players.

The Eye Test

Harkins, by most accounts, sounds like a very intelligent on-ice player and a quality off-ice leader.

ESPN’s Corey Pronman states, “His hockey sense is his best trait, as he is patient, anticipates the play well, has good vision and is creative with the puck.”

McKeen’s added that he “moves the puck quickly as a by-product of sharp processing abilities and swift decision making.” 

Future Considerations, however, saw it a little differently.

“Despite not being the most dynamic or creative minded with the puck, he protects it well,” they wrote.

Whether creative or not, Harkins’ stats speak for themselves, finding a way to get the puck to his teammates and eventually into the net. While not the greatest goal scorer, Harkins playmaking abilities could be complementary to some of the Leafs’ wingers, both new and old.

Multiple sources stated Harkins’ penalty killing abilities are also an asset.

Does he make the Leafs Shortlist?

Harkins appears to provide a solid option as a future NHL, but also likely isn’t going to blow anyone away and develop into a superstar. There’s no clear reason to stray away if the Leafs put him high on his draft board and he’s still available, but he’s also not a must-have talent.

Everything stays on the internet forever, kid.

  • Gary Empey

    It’s sounds like another 3rd liner to play with fellow 1st rounder,”the goat”. Might make a good PK team though, that’s important, but he doesn’t sound like a 1st rounder to me.

      • Brooksterman

        His numbers are slightly better than the Goat’s in their draft year. I think most people thought that he would put up much more offence in the plus 1,2 years, but he didn’t. He still might be a valuable player for the Leafs at some point. This guys numbers don’t blow me away, I’ve seen better from this years crop. Good size, a Center, that’s all good, and the PK skills come in handy, just not at 24th. Use this pick on a more boom or bust type player, and if they pick a center at 4, they may want to cover a different position with this pick. Sounds more like a a 2nd to me. Too bad we don’t have one…..yet!

        • Uh, no. I can’t agree with you. At all. Harkin’s 79P in 70GP in the WHL is far, far better than Gauthier’s 60P in 62GP in the QMJHL.

          He’s not at all the same player that Gauthier is. Harkins is a legitimate 1st round talent and no one is going to say his ceiling is “third line shutdown guy” the moment he’s drafted.

          • I didn’t say they were the same kind of player, but their offensive stats are similar. A little under and a little over a ppg. First lets see where he goes. There are about 10 guys that could fall or climb to 24th, if we even keep it, we might trade up or down or with some other factor if we trade one of the big boys. I hope I’m wrong because we have quite a history around this pick. Biggs of course, and the Goat, who I like, just not at 20 whatever we took him at. I say we try to trade up. IF this class is as deep as everyone says, we need to grab the most skill we can, drafting two humdingers in one year would go a long way to fixing this gong show. 2003, Getzlaf, Perry, I think Perry went 19th, we need to do something similar, or we will turn into the Cubs, who are having a bad century.