GRAPHIC: Maple Leafs Organizational Chart

Saying there have been a lot of changes to the Leafs front
office this offseason is a bit of an understatement. Coaches, Scouts, the
General Manager have all been let go. New scouts, Directors, and Coaches are
trickling in to take their place, but vacancies still exist.

In addition to that, there’s been some confusion regarding
reporting relationships, peer groups, etc. in the front office. In an attempt
to clarify what is going on, I’ve put together an estimated organizational
chart for the Leafs Hockey Ops Department.


New to role is in italics

Reporting Structures
Under Hunter, Pridham, and Dubas

This is where I would say a lot of guess work came into
play. At this point all scouting and player development personnel are listed
under him. He has a number of Directors under him on this chart, but since he’s
a Director himself (at this point) take that with a grain of salt, but since Hunter
is one of the acting GMs an assumption has been made here.

Right now Pridham looks like a bit of a lone wolf on the
chart. I’m going to assume he’s involved with other areas and has people who
report to him, but with the available information I’m not going to connect any

Kyle Dubas’ direct reports are fairly well known, as it’s
fairly public knowledge that he’s the GM of the Marlies and that the stats
nerds (Hockey Research and Development) are under his watch. That’s not to say
that he doesn’t have any other areas, but for now we’ll assume anything not
analytics or Marlies related is under Hunter.

The GM and Head Coach

The GM Role is purposely off to the side instead of a direct
line down from Shanahan as the future incumbent will likely be the number two
guy in Shanahan’s committee, but likely will need to involve all the key
players in order to hold his job.

I’ve put Mike Babcock on the same level as the Assistant GM
tier as I’d imagine his voice carries as much weight, and ultimately I’d
imagine he’ll only answer to Shanahan and the future GM.


There’s been a lot of talk about Kelly McCrimmon being added
to the Leafs front office, where he fits remains a mystery.

Potentially he could…

A) Be a replacement for Hunter or Dubas if they are
promoted to GM

B) He could be brought in a new role that will
instantly make this Org. Chart obsolete

C) This is just my personal speculation, but
following the draft it seems possible that the Leafs could shake up their
senior scouting staff further to make room for him.

D) He takes on a Cliff Fletcher type Senior Advisor

E) I’ve overlooked the option that will in fact

As for the other vacancies, it seems likely that the Leafs
will soon import a number of the Detroit Red Wings assistants which will fill
out those vacancies. It seems like it’s just a matter of those contracts
expiring and then offering them jobs on July 1st.

The Leafs goaltending coach vacancy and Marlies assistant
vacancies are a bit more of a mystery. With the Leafs attempting to build a
deep coaching talent pool it’s likely that some worthwhile junior coaches could
be tapped for assistant roles, and when it comes to the goaltender coach
vacancy it seems like another time to tap into the MLSE checkbook and spend to
get the best.

Say, where is Cliff
Fletcher on here?

Cliff Fletcher is an enigma that defies categorizing. He is
nowhere and everywhere.