Scratch Mike Futa off the list for Leafs GM (for now)


Mike Futa, who we profiled last month as a potential Leafs general manager candidate, isn’t going to Toronto or anywhere else, according to Dean Lombardi. 

Lombardi spoke with Jon Rosen (LA Kings Insider) about his team’s preparations for the draft and rumors that Futa was being pursued and/or interviewed by teams, most notably the Leafs.

Mike Futa is still a Los Angeles King and will remain a Los Angeles King. You don’t think the guy could jump ship now, right? [Reporter: Well, there were formal interviews.] … There’s a big challenge ahead of us. I don’t think he’s had time to think about it. He’s been going a hundred miles an hour. He’s at the combine now.

While this seems to put to bed the Leafs’ pursuit of Futa (if there was much at all), it also reads like Lombardi is a little defensive over his assistant and wants everyone to just back off. Take it easy Dean.

Either way, if Futa is indeed going to stay put, the list of options for Toronto shrinks by one, and the chance of going into the summer and beyond with the current management group gets better. No complaints here.