This Week In #Content: May 31st, 2015


Do you know what people on the internet love? Content. They can’t get enough of it. And I know you, handsome reader of TLN, can’t get enough of Toronto Maple Leafs content in particular.

Didn’t catch all of our Leafs coverage this week? Stop. Don’t worry. I got you.

Going forward we will be recapping the week that was at TLN as well as at other great websites that also cover the Leafs. But mostly TLN because, well, we’re the greatest website that covers the Leafs.

Let’s get to it.

Dylan Strome vs. Mitch Marner [TLN]

Shawn thinks Mitch Marner is the superior player, which I cannot bring myself to agree with. Good #content, anyways.

First Round Targets: Nick Merkley [TLN]

First Round Targets: Travis Konecny [TLN]

First Round Targets: Thomas Chabot [TLN]

First Round Targets: Brandon Carlo [TLN]

First Round Targets: Brock Boeser [TLN]

Yes to Merkley and Konecny. Ok to Chabot and Boeser. A *sigh* and a meh to Carlo.

It’s Time for the Leafs to Draft Another Goaltender [TLN]

That’s right. I think Toronto should draft a goalie, much as I do every year. Give me all the goalies.

The Leafs Signed Sam Carrick to a 1-Year Contract [TLN]

Jeff Veillette, President of the Sam Carrick Fan Club, is ecstatic.

The Leafs Will Stay Away from Matt Beleskey [TLN]

Ryan thinks the Leafs should not sign playoff performer Matt Beleskey and I couldn’t agree more.

Report: Toronto Looking to add Granato, Hiller and Brewer to Coaching Staff [TLN]

Brad Ross Signs With Iserholn Roosters [TLN]

The second round of the NHL Entry Draft is Toronto’s Bermuda Triangle.

The Top 5 Trade Destinations for Phil Kessel [TLN]

Yes, Toronto should trade Phil Kessel. I love him but it’s true. I’m sorry.

Non-TLN Content (Click at Own Risk)

Draft Analytics: Unveiling the Prospect Cohort Success Model [Canucks Army]

Did Josh and Rhys and Garret and Money Puck just revolutionize draft analytics? Probably.

Draft Good Players, Keep Good Players [Oilers Nation]

Apparently there’s a group of Oilers fans who want to trade Leon Draisaitl? I agree. Trade him to Toronto.

Exploring Mike Babcock’s Systems [Maple Leafs Hot Stove]

I’ve gotten to the point where I will blindly share anything Anthony Petrielli writes because he is the greatest.

Nathan Horton Trying to Stay Positive While Still in Recovery Mode [ESPN]

This is nice. This is a nice thing. Good for you, Nathan.

  • silentbob

    I love watching the Blackhawks play. To me, they are the most compelling team in the NHL. But what I really like about Chicago is that they give me hope. Read this story from April 14, 2006 – just nine years ago.

    So what has happened since then? WCF in 2009. And they really take off. Five WCFs in seven years. At least two Stanley Cups. And all because the Blackhawks became the best organization in hockey – maybe in all sports. What I like about Shanahan is that he is building in that direction. Chicago copied Detroit. I really hope that Shanahan copies Chicago and Detroit. While we focus on Babcock, success for the Leafs will depend on the changes that were made and are still being made in scouting and development.

    It helps if you draft Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane in consecutive years. But you have to be in position to take advantage of opportunities. I think the Leafs will be.