Report: Toronto Looking to Add Granato, Hiller and Brewer to Coaching Staff

It appears as if Toronto isn’t done poaching coaches from the Detroit Red Wings.

We already knew that Hiller and Brewer in particular were rumoured to be heading to Toronto, but I’m not sure I’ve heard any firm reports about the Leafs’ (and Babcock’s) interest in bringing in Granato until now.

Granato, a veteran of 774 NHL games with the New York Rangers, Los Angeles Kings and San Jose Sharks, has an equally long track record as an assistant coach. The 50-year old spent many years with both Colorado (where he also had a couple head coaching stints) and Pittsburgh before joining Mike Babcock as an assistant in Detroit last year. 

Both of Hiller and Brewer joined the NHL coaching cabal just last year. Hiller assisted on Babcock’s bench after many years as head coach of the WHL’s Tri-City Americans and Chilliwack Bruins, while Brewer spent time with Hockey Canada as a video coach and before that as an assistant coach at the University of New Brunswick. 

Currently, Granato is the only one of the three still listed as a member of Detroit’s coaching staff on the Red Wing’s official website. Asking for permission to speak to Hiller and Brewer is likely a formality on the Leafs’ part.

Another head coach that Granato has a history with – the newly hired Dan Bylsma in Buffalo. If the Sabres have any thoughts of reuniting for former Pittsburgh coaches, I think Toronto should move pretty quick and sign Granato to a record-breaking assistant coach contract. You know, because Buffalo doesn’t deserve nice things.

We’ll keep you updated as we learn more.

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  • Ultimate Sports'er

    I thought they meant brewer. As it the only “experienced player” ever to throw his hands up like a child in defeat, every single time he turns over the puck (he did that often). God we sucked last season.

  • Mapleleafs75

    If Toronto does this, does that mean the Leafs could be forced to compensate Detroit with a 3rd round pick for each coach they hire away? That would mean Toronto would owe Detroit 4 3rd round picks for Babcock, Granato, Hiller & Brewer? That’s insane. Does Toronto even have 4 3rd round picks over the next 3 seasons? They can’t afford to give away these draft picks if they are serious about this proper rebuild they keep talking about.