PHOTO: David Booth’s offseason stretching routine is heavy on smooching

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 11.02.57 AM
Courtesy: @ashleybooth

David Booth hasn’t developed into the everyday top-six forward and difference maker that many expected, but when he’s healthy, he’s still a credible NHL caliber forward and, occasionally, he’s even better than that. 

The problem for the best Toronto Maple Leafs player of the short-lived Peter Horachek era (talk about damning with faint praise), aside from being a sub-average finisher and a shooting percentage drag, is that he’s struggled enormously to stay on the ice. 

Durability issues have sabotaged Booth’s once promising NHL career, so it makes sense that he’d be trying a new routine this summer to stay limber. Surely it can’t hurt for a guy that once pulled his groin on the first drill of training camp to give intensive couples calisthenics a go. 

Booths’ wife, Ashley, has posted a couple of photos of the couple stretching together over the past month. The first photo, posted above, is from Wednesday. This one, of the couple doing a smooch-heavy stretch that, in my view, carries a commendable degree of difficulty, was posted a couple of weeks ago:

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 11.03.04 AM
Courtesy: @ashleybooth

So it’s not an on-ice workout, but at least there are no mystery carcasses in the photos. At the very least that represents an improvement over Booths’ most shareable pics from offseason’s past. 

  • Puck_Stops_Here

    When our so-called “star” players quit after Carlyle was fired, David Booth was one of the few players that gave 110% every shift once he was healthy.

    Could he be a veteran presence for the young kids coming up? With a $1.25 million cap hit, if he can be consistent Oct-Feb. the way he was the final 30 games of 2015, he could be worth a lot on deadline day.

    I am not certain how many teams will line up to sign the injury plagued forward.


    • Gary Empey

      To me it looked like Peter Horachek asked all the players to forget about offense and concentrate on playing a tight defensive game.

      For this team this style of play was guaranteed to send the team to the bottom of the tank.

    • Poluza

      I think there’s a solid argument to both sides.

      If signed, he could provide a stable presence in the top 9, chip in a few points, and maybe stay healthy long enough to be able to trade at the deadline. Plus, I don’t think Toronto will have more than 2 or 3 forwards up at a time from last year’s Marlies, so they’ll definitely need to sign depth forwards for the Leafs regardless.

      On the flip side, if the Leafs can sign a better UFA than Booth for similar money and term, then sign them. No question. Booth’s injuries are a high risk.