The Steve Dangle Podcast – May 22, 2015 – Babby Cockmen

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Today on the show, MIKE BABCOCK OMG…. Or nah?

  • Jeremy Ian

    Where’s all the fans input on this site? Clearly no one cares, even after making a big splash by hiring Babcock. 6 posts all morning in a city of over 4 million. Speaks volumes on what the people think of the Leafs. the proof is in the pudding. Sad

  • Jeremy Ian

    Yes so much volumes that ricky foley of the Argos had to freak out about the hiring Babcock blowing the Argos MLSE announcement out of the water…. is your name Jon Snow because you clearly don’t know

  • MaxPower417

    RE: The Rosie article that starts with “She lost a womb but gained a penis”

    That article is about a woman who was raped by her doctor after being put under for a Hysterectomy.

    Yeah…Rosie is a terrible, terrible human being.

        • MaxPower417

          You also seem to forget this isn’t TSN, Sportsnet, or the NHL website with millions in traffic. This is a site dedicated by and to diehards where comments are left and read and matter, not lost in all the other garbage.

          There were also half a dozen Babcock focused articles prior to this Podcast page. Sad you didn’t see them.

          Adam and Steve brought up a good point that I have been thinking about prior to this Podcast. Tim Murray since draft lottery sounds more and more like a whiney little B****. I don’t blame Babcock for not wanting to work for him. If Murray keeps up that attitude much longer in public eye as well as how he handles the team (purposely icing garabage) I doubt Pegula will have him around much longer.