Bozfeed Presents: Babcock Day in Tweets


Bozfeed returns!

Let’s just get right into this; the Leafs have hired Mike Babcock and the whole story is doing a number on the internet. Babcock will be in Toronto later this morning to be introduced as the thirtieth head coach in the franchise’s history, and of course his hiring wasn’t without a little drama yesterday. As you may have guessed, twitter was on top of it.

The day started off sort of slow. Toronto was, after all, ruled out as a destination for the free agent head coach on Tuesday. But then, like a beautiful maple leaf from the ashes…

Not a big deal. This is still a two team race between the Wings and Sabres by the looks of it. 

Oh, wait a minute.

Bidding war? Buffalo? TARANNA?!

Whoa, it really is a bidding war, and Detroit wants no part of it.

WHAT. That means there’s really only one team left… the Tor-wait, the Blues were in on this?

Leafs fans are into this thing. Getting excited. Maybe even a little too excited.

Still, no one knows what to believe. 

Then, a wild Jeffler appears.

The scoop of the century! 

But still nothing confirmed, and the Blues and Sharks keep popping up.

Then we had some of the most sour grapes out of Montreal.

Doesn’t look like they’re going to be broken on this day, friend.

Still no confirmation. But smiles, they might tell us the answer!

We’re tracking planes, we’re analyzing smiles, then the three sweetest words…

LEAFS WIN! LEAFS WIN! Let’s celebrate!

But some aren’t too thrilled.


But no time to feel sorry for Buffalo, we’ve got a party going in Leafs Nation.

Details being sorted out…

More celebrating, general reaction, and kicking the Sabres while they’re down.

But wait, Boucher too?

All the coaches belong to Toronto.

Though it appears Boucher might just be a candidate caught in the crossfire of Babwatch.

Finally, after everything settles down, we can sit back and absorb what happened.

And as we all know, Babcock is only one person – the Leafs have a lot more work to do. I guess this story is to be continued…