Toronto Back In Babcock Running?

Yesterday, we relayed the message that Mike Babcock will probably not be joining the Toronto Maple Leafs any time soon. Birthday boy Thomas Drance pointed out that it might be time to shift focus to a General Manager with all of the “AAA” options likely gone. But hold on to your Winter Classic Fedoras, because this race isn’t ever yet.

First, Bob McKenzie took a sharp turn from his previous statement of the Leafs being out.

Following that, TSN partner-in-crime Darren Dreger dropped this little nugget of information:

It seems like Leafs brass is executing the power that their media overlord owners have blessed them with; if you can’t woo them with tradition, planning, and outlook, woo them with gigantic sacks of money filled with smaller sacks of diamonds. Ultimately, Babcock will be attempting to pick out the best of both worlds with his decision, but the Leafs are in a financial position where they can make that second world a very, very, heavy one.

We expect to see a decision at some point today, though, as we’ve seen over the past 48 hours, things could always change.

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