Buffalo and Detroit out on Babcock, MLSE Private Jet making quick trip to Detroit today

This might be happening after all. In complete defiance of earlier reports that Mike Babcock was choosing between the Detroit Red Wings and Buffalo Sabres, with the Leafs being a distant third, multiple reports have ruled out the Detroit Red Wings and Buffalo Sabres.

San Jose and St. Louis were in previous discussions with the (now former) Red Wings bench boss, but fell out of the public discussion in the past few days. The Sharks have been linked to Randy Carlyle and Adam Oates, while the Blues still have Ken Hitchcock in the organization. 

It’s also worth noting that Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment’s Gulfstream IV Private Jet is heading into Detroit at 5PM today, arriving at 5:42, and departing at 5:45. Not sure if you can make a concrete connection, but there’s something interesting there.

Deep breaths, folks. This is going to be a crazy couple of hours.

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