Leafs Hire Lindsay Hofford to Front Office Role

Just a few days ago reports began to surface that the Leafs were on the verge of hiring London Knights Director of Scouting Lindsay Hofford.  It appears that today that news became official, or at the very least the deal is all but done.  According to The Globe and Mail’s James Mirtle, Hofford will be taking on a front office position with the team.

We don’t know a lot about Lindsay Hofford.  He’s all but an unknown to most hockey fans.  However, Leafs Director of Player Personnel Mark Hunter would of course know him very well due to his long tenure within the Knights organization.  Kyle Dubas, who also has a good deal of OHL experience, may be familiar with him as well.

In any event, Hofford will be taking on what appears to be a pretty prominent role with the team.  At the conclusion of the season the Leafs fired a myriad of scouts as well as Director of Player Development Jim Hughes and Director of Pro Scouting Steve Kasper.  Just a hunch, but since we know Hofford is taking on a front office role and since he had previously served as London’s Director of Scouting, the safe assumption might be that Hofford will replace Steve Kasper as the team’s Director of Pro Scouting.  But this is all just speculation.

It should be a fun few weeks as Leafs fans.  The team is now in the process of completely revamping their coaching staffs at both the AHL and NHL level, the team still needs a general manager, they have a lot of scouting positions to fill, and of course there’s the whole matter of the draft and free agency and the possibility of making some franchise-altering trades.  Lindsay Hofford is just one move in an expected flurry of decisions that will reflect the team’s big organizational shift in philosophy.

  • STAN

    Nothing ever changes.

    Shanahan’s decisions to hire Dubas and then Hunter made it inevitable that they will go all their buddies and offer them jobs. Plain as that.

    With money apparently not an issue, why not? Whatever Hofford was making in the OHL, the Leafs can triple it.

    Now we read that Dubas is looking at another OHL buddy to take over as Marlies head coach.

    Cleaning house is one thing (mostly positive), but only going to your pals and not scouring the rest of the globe seems pretty nearsighted to me.

    Sadly, it could take years for MLSE to realize that Shanahan has no idea how to build a winning hockey team.

    • STAN

      Stfu you hater. It doesn’t take one or two off seasons yo build a team. Funny thing is that the people they brought in cannot do worse than those who came before them. Be patient. Its still too early to tell whether or not Shanny is good or not at building a team we have to wait atleat 5 years. Aka Ken Holland, Steve yezerman, peter ciarelli, and so on
      What were they doing before building an NHL team?

    • TGT23

      So, Shanny brings in a bunch of up-and-coming hockey minds from organizations that are proven winning organizations… And want to hire a bunch of hockey who they KNOW have embraced the new way of thinking that the Leafs are trying to institute (so that the entire organization top to bottom is on the same page)…..

      And your problem is that they are hiring people they know…


      They are bringing in people who know how to do things and do them the way they need to be done (based on how Shanny, Hunter, and Dubas want things done)… You would rather they bring in a bunch of people who don’t understand what it is they are trying to do?

      • Jeremy Ian

        Stan may have more of a point than people are giving him credit for. Sure, management wants to hire knowledgable colleagues who share the same values and strategies. Stan wasn’t talking about that. He was talking about the relatively small pool from which they the Leafs brass are drawing their colleagues.

        I don’t understand why Leaf fans can’t raise eyebrows sometimes.

        It’s like either we have to to be Shanahan’s blind cheerleaders or moronic Oilers fans. Isn’t there a bit of room in the middle for mindful debate????

        • Jeremy Ian

          Yeah, it’s fair to bring up the point that Hunter and Hofford are buddies but there’s only been one hire. If this pattern continues with 3 or 4 hires then we might have something to talk about.

          I think we’re reacting negatively to Stan because his doom and gloom, “Sadly, it could take years for MLSE to realize that Shanahan has no idea how to build a winning hockey team.”

          That’s the same old crap attitude we’ve been hearing as Leafs fans for the last decade. Now we’re rebuilding, let’s at least give Shanahan a couple years (even a couple more hires) before we draw any sort of “we’re going to lose forever” bs conclusions.

          • Jeremy Ian

            Agreed that declaring defeat now is absurd. But I don’t see why we should suspend judgment just because we want Shanahan to succeed.

            There is another point Stan’s raising, which is the quote you cite. There will be a lag between the decisions and their effects. It’s natural. We saw this with the Burke model; the shortfalls didn’t materialize till later.

            It’s a basic dilemma. Nothing to be done about it but be optimistic — and at the same time open to question.

        • TGT23

          But this isn’t really anything to debate, IMO.

          They aren’t hiring their cousin’s or something. They are hiring people they know and have worked with. People who have proven they understand what it is they are trying to do. I mean, you could hire a random guy but of course you want to hire people you know how to work with. You don’t want to hire someone and have it turn out they don’t agree with what you are trying to do. Just end up in another situation like it was before where the coach doesn’t care about analytics, the owners don’t believe in rebuilds, the GM is doing his own thing, and scouting doesn’t know what they are doing.

          Uniformity. One machine. One system. Developing a pipeline where everyone knows their roles from the AHL to the NHL and abroad… You don’t do that by hiring unknowns. There is a reason people like Dubas and Hunter have had success. The people around them have not been selected by mistake.

          Besides, I mean let’s be honest, these are hockey people. How small is the pool, really? I mean, we could be talking about thousands and thousands of people between Shanny, Dubas, and Hunter. This is just a case of someone trying to find something wrong and something to complain about. No one can be excited or intrigued without also being sceptical in Leafs Nation.

    • silentbob

      Hiring friends and people you know and have worked with in the past is not a bad thing, and is often times a very good thing. If you know someone already, how they work, their strengths and weaknesses & you know you get along with them and they get along with others you already work with…..its a big positive.

      I own a company and the first place I look when I need to hire new people is at my friends and the friends of other employees.

      As long as Hofford is qualified for the job he up for and his new bosses are willing to “treat him like an employee” when its needed/warrented, hiring someone our current management knows and likes already is a good thing.

  • STAN

    Oiler’s hired Mclennan…Looks like we can pass the torch of being “The biggest joke in the NHL”,Back to Toronto. Better try and build through the draft because nobody want’s to play in Toronto….Not even the players on the current roster….Cheers from Edmonton 🙂

    • STAN

      I must have missed all the Cups McLellan won in SJ and McDavid didn’t even make the Memorial Cup. Those two should fit in well in “The City of Champions” LOLOLOL

    • Have Oilers fans always been this arrogant? They hire a GM who was run out of Boston for Mishandling the cap, a coach that has ZERO playoff success and win a lottery. Crawl back under your rock f**ker, I am certain you were one of the many fans who bailed on the team for years.
      As a real fan, I accept my team has suxed for years, yet I continue to support them.
      I truly believe that Shanahan and his Shanaplan will succeed simply because he is not arrogant like you and the rest of the haters that have slithered out of their sad dark holes.
      Go Leafs! We still believe.

    • Gary Empey

      Like yourself my memory is not like the steel trap it used to be. I know it was some team out west that traded Wayne Gretzki for cold hard cash, but I can’t quite recall which team that was. PS — What is your favourite late night food truck snack?

      This was meant to be a reply to Justin’s comment about Cups.