Leafs expected to hire Hofford out of London


It looks like the Leafs will again go to their connection with the London Knights to make another addition to their management team. The team needs to start hiring to replace the staff they cleared out last month, and they already have one name in mind: Lindsay Hofford.

We don’t know a lot about Hofford (or at least I don’t), but right now he’s the Director of Scouting for the Knights, and as Mirtle noted, had served as their head coach in the early 2000s. He’s also been running a hockey development company in the GTA since 1992.

As for his role in Toronto, he’ll likely step in with the player development team or in a scouting capacity. Director of Player Development Jim Hughes was one of the guys let go in Leafs clean-out day, so maybe that’s a fit for Hofford. The team also let go Steve Kasper from his position as Director of Pro Scouting.

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  • Jeremy Ian

    hm. Well, you have to start somewhere to rebuild the scouting and development capacity. But the optics here are a little weird, no? I mean, you get rid of an old boy network and start rebuilding with new insiders. I really like out of the box more than a new box. Just because they are younger doesn’t make them better. Hope I’m wrong.

    • So you’re worried that the old boys club is now the young boy’s club?

      Shanahan hired two guys from two different OHL clubs and a guy from NHL head office. They hire a second London guy and all of the sudden it’s the same old thing? I really don’t think that’s the case.

      • Jeremy Ian

        “now the young boy’s club?” is not quite what I meant, but I can see, in extremis, how you get there — and how any manager under duress and forced to make a lot of decisions at the same time might get there.

        I was implying the potential of a new box; it still needs to be built, right? I was not passing judgement on a fait accompli before there’s any fait.

        The age thing I could care less about. It’s the diversity of the talent making the decisions that i do care about. That’s all.

  • They are thinking outside the box, it is us that think along the lines of NHL experience and what have they done? These three hires that Shanahan made have been from different hockey areas and it appears that “new” faces will continue to come on board for the Leaf management team.