Maple Leafs Job Fair: Dallas Eakins’ resume

The Leafs job fair moves along on and the list of candidates grows and grows. Hire someone, Shanny, before our standards hit rock bottom and we start considering former Oilers.

Oh god, he’s right behind me isn’t he…

Dallas we’re sorry!

Dallas Eakins

Just don’t make me go back to Edmonton. I’ll pick up tape balls after practice, anything.

Work Experience

Head Coach of the Edmonton Oilers (2013-14)

This wasn’t so much a job as it was a sentence, but luckily it didn’t last too long. “Led” a really bad team to a really bad record. Okay you can skip down the page now.

Head Coach of the Toronto Marlies (2009-2013)

Here’s really where I made my mark, right back in good ol’ Hog Town. Brought the Marlies to the Calder Cup final in 2012, and punched in an overall record of 157-114-15-26 in four regular seasons. 

Director of Player Development with the Toronto Maple Leafs (2008-2009)

Just a short stint in this position while the Leafs figured out what to do with me after canning Maurice. Ran rookie camps and helped prospects progress from the junior ranks to the AHL/NHL.

Assistant Coach with the Toronto Maple Leafs (2006-2008)

Paul and I were promoted. Maybe we should just skip over this part too.

Assistant Coach with the Toronto Marlies (2005-2006)

Served under Paul Maurice, where we led the team to a 41-29-6-4 record and a first round playoff exit.


  • Calder Cup finalist (2012)
  • Played 120 NHL games for a variety of teams
  • Captain of the Peterborough Petes (1987)
  • Drafted 208th overall by the Washington Capitals (1985)
  • Time Magazine’s Person of the Year (2006)

Personal Interests

  • Styling these beautiful locks of hair
  • Trying to make Edmonton media members healthier

Hiring Manager Notes

There’s certainly a lot of history here between the Leafs and this candidate. Things didn’t go too well in Etroit, but perhaps that year should be a wash. Otherwise the book on Eakins is he is a player’s coach and approaches the game in a smart way and will look to try new things, the latter evidenced by his role in bringing on an analytics expert with the Oilers and nearly destroying the internet in the process. There are candidates with a lot more success, especially at the NHL level, but Eakins might be a good fit with a developing roster and progressive group of bosses. 

Also, can you imagine these two having a conversation? Blow dryers locked at the hip.


Other resumes we’ve received:

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George McPhee (General Manager)

Todd McLellan (Coach)

Pat Verbeek (General Manager)

Mike Babcock (Lord and Savior)

Jeff Gorton (General Manager)

Julien Brisebois (General Manager)

Paul MacLean (Coach)

Mike Futa (General Manager)

  • Jeremy Ian

    “Also, can you imagine these two having a conversation? Blow dryers locked at the hip.”

    Good line.

    One can see the rationale for a good development coach; his work with the Marlies is one reason our team in not a complete wreck.

    But hiring him as head coach would be a disaster in every other way.

    Maybe Babcock should hire him as an assistant.

  • Poluza

    If the Leafs fail to land a big fish like Babcock, I’d love to see them go with Eakins. The next couple seasons are basically a wash, so a “player’s coach” who already is familiar with some of the players would probably be a good idea. Plus a guy like Eakins wouldn’t (I’m guessing) command as much organizational input as someone like Babcock, which is good.

    Unless they sign Babcock, they should probably hire a GM before going with a smaller name like Eakins.

    • Jeremy Ian

      The next few seasons are a wash in the sense that we should not expect lots of wins. But we need a coach who takes the players to the next level and what we saw in Edm does not recommend Eakins well for this task for him right now.

        • Jeremy Ian

          The poor guy. He did go out with grace, though. His GM dished him a mess, fired him after a season and a half, and on the way out the door Eakins had the generosity to sing MacTavish’s praises. That’s an organization that makes the Leafs shine by comparison.

          Eakins deserves a restart. But throwing him behind the bench at the ACC? Not good for anyone but the reporters at the Sun and the Star.

  • STAN

    Just the optics alone make an Eakins hire impossible.

    Also, consider the circumstances that lead to his hiring by Lowe, McTavish & Associates.

    Instead of real due diligence, that infamous duo was swayed by the massive, Toronto-centric media hype that Dallas Eakins was by FAR the best professional coach NOT to have an NHL head coaching position.

    How’d tat work out?

    Now, the same media frenzy is surrounding Mike Babcock. They just can’t impress upon their audience enough that Babcock is the “best coach available”, “will be the highest paid coach” and basically deserves it.

    Me? I’m still wondering how they all came to that conclusion. What makes him si invaluable?

    Seems to me a great coach is someone who can take a collection of mediocrity and potential and make them win as a team. Bob Hartley comes to mind. Look what he achieved without a Datsyuk and Zetterberg and without his best defenceman.

    • Jeremy Ian

      Actually, I think Alain Vignault is the going genius on that front. It’s not just Lundqvist making the Rangers such an all around team.

      On Babcock, this may be one instance in which the media might actually be following the evidence. Datsyuk and Zetterberg have been injured a lot and are not what they once were. Babcock coached the team across the transition from one era to another. The young talent didn’t get mangled in the process. But it’s true, the team did have a couple of great veterans to help get them through it. Most teams, though, have a hard time making those tough transitions without dipping out of the playoffs for a while. Coaching has a lot to do with that.

  • STAN

    Stay away.

    I wouldn’t want Eakins to coach even my worst enemy.

    As a survivor of his reign of terror in Edmonton, he is far from a player’s coach, a fan’s coach, media coach.

    Calls out players only a few weeks into his coaching, when his roster was sub par and filled with Kids.

  • STAN

    @Jeremy Ian

    Don’t disagree with your assessment of Vignault.

    He certainly helped the Canucks overachieve and I think he’s doing the same in New York.

    He’s even lit a fire under Rick Nash, who was among the leading NHL under-achievers.

  • Gary Empey

    Oilers looked like a new team after Eakins was canned. Basically the entire team picked it up, especially younger players like Yak, RNH, Eberle, Lander.

    In addition to his terrible results, he also was not bright. He was into analytic, but did not understand basic principles like causation and correlation.

    Eakins did have fine hair though – so there is that.

    • Smuckers

      Yes and he gets the lions share of the blame for the regression of many of their prospects. Ederle, Yakupov, and Lander all regressed under his tutelage and improved once he was (reluctantly) fired by MacTavish – who still carries a torch for Eakins.

      So Dallas, I’d put Craig down as a reference if I were you.

  • Smuckers

    I would love to see Toronto hire this massive egomaniac ……….he was solely responsible for us landing Connor McDavid, so I cant be too hard on him.

    If you want to continue wandering in the desert for another 40 years a good start would be to hire Dallas Eakins! He may not know anything about coaching, talent identification, team building, and how to play hockey, but he gives a great interview.

    Toronto deserves Dallas!