Babcock to the Leafs?…


    • Poluza

      Honest question: Why have Oilers’ fans gotten so salty towards Leafs’ fans since winning the lottery? It just seems to me like a switch has been flipped? Or has it always been this way?

      • Poluza

        To be honest it is because of all the negative media coming from the east about Mcdavid going to Edmonton. Articles that say Mcdavid would be way better off going to Toronto because the oilers will ruin him. The leafs have been on a 47 yr rebuild and he would be better off there? Makes no sense. Mcdavid will be great with Hall Nuge and Eberle. The only way that canada will ever get a sniff of the Stanley cup will be through Edmonton. Good luck on the rebuild though.

        • Poluza

          Thanks for the reply!
          That must have been annoying to have to listen to most of the media outlets bash the team you love, so I get it. I guess it’s similar to being a Leafs fan, in that if you introduce yourself as one, people laugh at you. Good luck at your much shorter rebuild!

          • Poluza

            Your welcome. i was a diehard leaf fan at one time but gave up after the Gilmour and Clark era. Born and raised in Alberta and never appreciated the golden years(5 Stanley cups). Hockey gods Have blessed us with yet another Gretzky.WOOT!WOOT!! Get to watch Mcdavid every game for the next 15 or so years. So happy 🙂

          • Poluza

            How cute, you think that McDavid is going to stay in Edmonton his whole career. The second he becomes a free agent he’ll be running to the leafs. But at least you guys can have some playoff success for a few years once you get a goalie and 2 defenders. Remember Crosby only has one cup and he’s got Malkin Fleury and Letang on the team. Edmonton is still 3 years away from playoffs.

        • That’s funny because I haven’t seen one single article on this site bashing Edmonton for winning the lottery. I’d love to know where these articles come from.

          Here I was thinking Oilers fans were crawling out from their caves, gloating and carrying on as if they won something they worked hard for (as opposed to winning, you know, a lottery). Glad to know they’re only being so insufferable for a reason – because the big, bad Toronto media said some mean things about them.


        • TGT23

          Probably has a lot to do with the other #1 picks Edmonton has had and failed to build around. Perhaps some people think that the epic failure known as the Edmonton Oiler rebuild has been bailed out by a stroke of luck. And if McDavid isn’t the saviour and the Failers continue to be awful then Edmonton has wasted another #1 pick.

          Fact is, the SECOND Edmonton won the pick their fans have been acting like they’ve earned something. The Toronto media hadn’t even put pen to paper by the time the Oiler fans had come strutting in everywhere acting like they’d won a Stanley Cup and the last six years never happened. So, don’t go blaming the media.

          Truth is, McDavid to Buffalo or Toronto was best for the NHL from a pure marketing standpoint.

    • Sources tell me that if you’re so excited about McDavid you should probably learn how to spell his first name.

      Living in Edmonton, I’m pleased that I will get to see to McDavid and probably some playoff hockey too, but I remain equally thrilled that I don’t not need to be an Oilers fan to do that.