Source: The Leafs Should Trade for the 1st Overall Pick #mycolumn:

By winning the draft lottery and adding Connor McDavid to a group that already includes 1st overall picks Taylor Hall, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins and Nail Yakupov, and 2014 3rd overall pick Leon Draisatl, 2013 7th overall pick Darnell Nurse, and Jordan Eberle, the Edmonton Oilers really put the “Embarrassment” in “Embarrassment of riches”.

In fact, it borders on being unfair for the rest of the league. Except that the Oilers continue to defy the odds and be horrible because of supreme mismanagement and terrible ownership. In fact, that owner is suing the owner of McDavid’s OHL team, the Erie Otters. Has that managed to already cause a rift? Perhaps:

This tweet is not a coincidence. A source has also talked about McDavid and the Oilers, and said that the Leafs should trade for the 1st overall pick. Talk about a scoop. 
The idea stems from the fact that Edmonton doesn’t really need a centre. They already have Ryan Nugent-Hopkins and Leon Draisatl. And we all know that you need to draft for need in today’s NHL. The Oilers need D and goaltending help more than anything. And they could also use some toughness because they rely on too much skill.
When my source said the Leafs should trade for the 1st overall pick, we floated some ideas that addresses both team needs. Here is where we netted out:

Roman Polak
Stephane Robidas
James Reimer
Joffrey Lupul
Connor Brown
Tyler Bozak


Let me tell you why this deal makes a lot of sense and Edmonton would be fools not to take it. 
First: Roman Polak. He brings toughness and bigness and is, on paper, a defenseman. He can bench press a lot of weight, which is important because someone needs to carry the load on D. 
While Polak hits things, Robidas brings that veteran presence that the Oilers need. They are a young team, especially on defense. Justin Schultz needs to learn from Robidas because Robidas is good defensively and Schultz is not.
Those two will be playing a big role in front of the centrepiece of this trade, which is James Reimer. Now some might think that Bernier needs to be a part of this deal, but I disagree. Reimer is a well-known Christian man, and you need to believe in some sort of higher purpose and plan to play for the Oilers because it is obvious Oilers management does not.
Those three are the main return for the pick. But because the Leafs will be getting a forward back, it makes sense for them to send one and a sweetener to seal this deal.
The first forward going to Edmonton is Joffrey Lupul. He has already played there, so it’s likely he will want to go back. 

The sweetener, but underrated part of this deal is Tyler Bozak. I am conflicted about including him because Connor McDavid compared himself to Bozak. In fact, sending him to Edmonton might make this deal incredibly lopsided. But my source is willing to do it. If Bozak can almost hit 50 points with Phil Kessel, imagine how many he can get with Jordan Eberle.
This deal makes sense for both teams. It solves all issues that the Oilers have, and will surely help them battle for a wild card playoff position next season. It also gives the Leafs a pretty good player to play with Zack Sill.
Will the Leafs trade for the 1st overall pick? Hard to say. But my source is confident: the Leafs should.
  • FlareKnight

    Can’t say I love the “complete sarcasm” article. It’s bad enough that Edmonton won, but do we really have to go there with this kind of joke post?

    Worth a cheap laugh I guess, but worth the time it actually took to type all this out? I question that.

  • STAN

    My uncle’s aunt is neighbors with the Mcdavids. Kelly Mcdavid states ” My son hates the leafs more than any team and would not report if they won the draft”

    Secondly if you are going to trade JUNK you will get nowhere. NO G.M. is that STUPID. Maybe the the author of this blog is. Only Morgan is worth a look which would still leave you miles away from even coming close to Johnny Hockey.

    No sarcasm in this article but stupidity on the writers part.

    • 24% body fat

      My moms sister-in-law has a cousin who works at the Tim Hortons that gets its sugar delivered from McDavid’s aunties third grade teacher assistant’s son, and his poker buddy says that he heard from a neighbour that McDavid doesn’t even want to play in the NHL or go to the draft. How’s that for making S@&t up with no credible source?

  • STAN

    So when do you guys know if McDavid will keep #97 for next year in the NHL. I want to get my Oilers Jersey early and just want to make sure I got the number right.

    Thanks guys.

  • FlareKnight

    Dear Justin Fisher – Leafs Nation’s Managing Editor.

    Seriously have a talk with Cappuccino. He is hurting this website. Every story, blog, whatever is pretty informative and well written on Leafs Nation.

    The one above (or the last 5 or 6) written by Bobby are complete garbage. Not funny, not informative, not clever, just stupid.

    I know being a Leaf fan’s we often joke about just how piss poor our beloved club is. But, an entire article?

    It’s not anything, not a story, or a rumour, or anything worth reading. I dont mean to be like a super-hater, I actually use to like his articles, but fer-realz. blogs like this are just crap.

  • FlareKnight

    Rarely comment on these kind of things but yes, im not sure if this a joke? I get that it is, but the satire isn’t written well, so how would anyone know? Not really sure what value this brings to the site, its pretty strong outside of this.

  • FlareKnight

    i think a more possible trade would be



    4th overall

    That still might not be enough, but might get a conversation started. If you have McDavid, Kessel stays. Top line of McDavid, VanRiemdyk, and Kessel would be lights out. Bozak, Lupol get traded in separate deals and you start rebuilding at a quicker pace then initially thought.

  • 24% body fat

    Connor Brown outscored McDavid a year ago and I would not trade Lupul to Edmonton no matter how bad he wants to go back, which is probably really bad. Lupul is a leader and without him on the team, our young player may end up going to college parties attended by adult film stars or perhaps some other mistakes that Lupul would definitely not make.

    I don’t think this deal is fair for the Leafs as well because 6 players for 1 player means we are net losing 5 players! I think McDavid is probably good but if Calgary has proven anything this year, it’s that depth and grit will beat skill every day.

  • FlareKnight

    Toronto would you just shut up about McDavid. What’s done is don, focus on what you need to do to dig yourselves out of your own hole. Our hole is deep too.

  • FlareKnight

    Imo….Leafs have no choice. They have to go for it and offer a deal.

    They will have too many players anyway. The Marlies are only one team lol…then again there is Orlando 😉

  • FlareKnight

    This posts are getting a bit annoying, I understand it’s sarcasm but it’s really not clever to act stupid. When I read an article I want intelligent insight not purposefull stupidity, anyone can do this, I am a grade 9 student and I can say that “the penquins should trade Crosby for Jagr because is his veteran presence” and I would be stupid. It take actual skill that I don’t have to write a good hockey article, if you have that skill please stop wastin your time on these articles.

  • woods

    im sorry but if the Leafs want any hope in landing Mcdavid, the offer would have to look more like…

    Nylander, Rielly, Percy, Kadri, Bernier
    for McDavid.

    Yea its overpaying but you would have to overpay to get a “generational” player like him. If Oilers did decide to trade him, 25+ other teams could probably offer more than the Leafs

  • Bobby Cappuccino (if that is even his real name) (it isn’t) tries hard. Every week he keeps his head up and pumps out new content despite all of the haters, and I admire his tenacity and grit. That is #mycomment.

  • Robidas is over the hill
    Lupul was in Edmonton and didn’t like the hometown pressure (source from a family member)
    Connor Brown is good, but that’s the kinda small forwards Edmonton is trying to avoid.
    …and the rest is garbage.

    That’s essentially trading waste water for gold. You’d be outta your mind to do that trade.
    Edmonton doesn’t just trade for need or skill, they’d acquire age, UFA statues, #contracts, and salary. That alone is not worth it.

    I don’t care if BC tries hard, this is a garbage article. Regardless, MacT said he’s not trading the pick anyways, so Leaf fans can forget it!

  • Wats tha pojnt of haveing McDave if u don’t got Robidas, Lupes, and Polak their too menter him? Who gunna do it, Kessel? Lulz. I luv u Booby butt maybe swamp out da leaderz for pretenderz lik Kadri, Gardener and JvR

  • 24% body fat

    Dumbest article I have ever seen.

    Why would oilers give up McDavid for all of the leafs crap that cant win anything or play hockey.

    Second, in the top ten you never draft for need. You draft the best player and trade other pieces to fill the holes. You always maximize your value with the best player.

    Give it up, oilers got McDavid, leafs getting Hanfin.

    Move on.

  • 24% body fat

    ugh this is so stupid. just stop writing please. it’s not funny at all. no one is laughing. your satire isn’t working. can you just wrote intelligent content like everyone else on this site because it’s just annoying. stuff like this is what is driving people away from this site and not want to read on here anymore.