McLellan let go by Sharks, could be an option for the Leafs

This summer has the potential to be one of the busiest in recent years for a lot of NHL clubs, as it’s been forecast to include a deep draft and an abundance of options for coaching and management positions in need of filling. After a few teams got things started with personnel changes last week (notably the Leafs and Flyers), a bigger name hit the market today when Todd McLellan and the Sharks decided things just weren’t working out

From an outsider’s perspective, McLellan seems to be a smart coach and he’s enjoyed plenty of NHL success, both as an assistant in Detroit and as the go-to guy in California. It goes without saying that the Leafs should at least have him on their radar in the coming months.

Something that will likely be noted a few times going forward, and I’ll get it out of the way now, is that McLellan – as part of Mike Babcock’s group in Detroit – coached Shanahan in one of the final years of his playing career, so there is familiarity here. To go even further, with McLellan running the forwards and powerplay for the Wings, Shanahan would score 40 goals as a 37-year-old in 2005-06. Can you say buds for life? 

As a head coach, McLellan spent seven seasons in San Jose and missed the playoffs once – this year – which apparently was enough to end his tenure. If wins and losses are your thing, McLellan finished up with a 311-163-66 regular season record, good for a .576 win-percentage and .698 points-percentage over 540 games.

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  • silentbob

    Here is a break down Justin Bourne did of the Sharks forecheck –

    You can’t completely separate a coaches system from the players he has. You can’t plug just any players into that system and get the same results the Sharks, a very talented team, got. That being said it seems like McLellan’s system would address a lot of the issues the Leafs have had under the last few coaches

  • STAN

    Speculation schmeculation.

    Of course Todd McLellan “COULD BE AN OPTION” for the Maple Leafs.

    Several hundred, if not thousands, people “could be an option” for the Leafs. Dan Bylsma, Paul McLean, or any member of the OCB (Old Boys Club).

    How about the soon to be job-seeking Doug Wilson, Kevin Lowe and Craig MacTavish? I mean, they also have NHL resumes. Stellar resumes? Not really, but resumes nonetheless. Y’know, just like Randy Carlyle, he of the lone and largely flukey Stanley Cup run. Or Messiah In Waiting Dallas Eakins.

    The fact is Todd McLellan has never won anything in spite of the massively overrated Joe Thornton and the rest of the underachieving San Jose Sharks. They underachieved under his watch.

    But the mainstream pro hockey media have been floating his name for at least two months, so it must not only be true but deeply insightful.

    Give us another headline such as, “Sources Indicate the 2015-16 NHL Season is 173 Days Away”.