Edmonton Oilers Win the Draft Lottery, Leafs Will Pick 4th

Nine-point-five percent just couldn’t cut it.

The Edmonton Oilers have won the NHL Draft Lottery (ugh) and the opportunity to draft the crazy-talented Connor McDavid (this is ridiculous).

Toronto, on the other hand, will retain the fourth overall pick.

Don’t sweat it too much, though – the Leafs will still be landing a top prospect in June.

Assuming that Jack Eichel (the consensus second-best prospect) won’t fall on draft day, there’s three players whose names have been closely tied to Toronto.

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The first is Dylan Strome, McDavid’s teammate with the Erie Otters. He’s the kind of big centre that Toronto has needed in the system ever since Mats Sundin left for Vancouver, but it’s no sure thing he’ll still be available. Strome lead the OHL in scoring with an insane 129 points in 68 games.

London Knights’ forward Mitch Marner name has also been bandied about. He’s a speedy, highly-creative offensive force, and is well known by Leafs’ Director of Player Personnel Mark Hunter (former GM of the Knights). Marner scored 44 goals and 126 points in 63 games this season.

Lastly, there’s Noah Hanifin. A big, smooth-skating blueliner from Boston College, Hanifin is seen by many as the draft’s third best prospect, If other teams opt for a forward, the Leafs might land the draft’s top defenceman. As a freshman, Hanifin scored 23 points in 37 games.

  • Goon

    That’s ok right? I’m trying not to be upset, because I already ordered my McDavid Leafs jersey…

    Now we can trade them Phaneuf, Kessel, and Bernier’s rights for their pick from Pittsburgh, Draisaitl, and Yakupov… right?!

  • Corno4

    Spin it however you want. This was the one and only chance the Leafs had to avoid another decade of suckitude. Instead another loser thing happened to a loser organization. I couldnt care less who the Leafs draft at 4th because at best whoever it is is 3-4 years away from being anything and most likely the Leaf management will find a way to draft the equivalent of Antropov or Schenn again. This team sucks and will suck for a long, long time.

          • Kanuunankuula

            I’m sorry but what exactly did I write that was untrue? Do you think they are on the verge of being a team that makes the playoffs, let alone as a cup contender? Finishing out of the playoffs for 9 out of 10 years is pretty much the definition of sucking and they are about to get a whole lot worse.

            Is it the crack about the Leafs drafting record because the last time I looked the its been quite a while since the Leafs drafted an all-star let alone a superstar.

            Do you think any of the top guys the Leafs might draft are going to help the Leafs in the next 2-3 years at the minimum? I don’t and neither do most scouts.

            Judging by their record this year 27 out of 30 team they suck right now. Based on the fact that they are “scorching the earth” but missed out on the next superstar I would say they are going to suck for a long time yet. But you keep drinking the kool-aid because that Stanley cup is right around the corner.

            The simple truth is this is one of the worst run sports organization in professional sports today and it has been for decades. The last time the Leafs had the 4th overall pick when a generational player was drafted was 1984. Mario went first, the Leafs took Iafrate. Decent player but hardly a difference maker. Looks like history is repeating itself.

          • Kanuunankuula

            The mere fact you think the next decade will be a train wreck because we didn’t win the lottery is a prime example of you being a garbage clown

            I’m glad you and these make believe scouts have already written off this years draft pick

            I’m not sure where I said the leafs are on the verge of a Cup, but it helps your weak argument

            The fact is this team is many moons away from competing for a cup. Drafting and development will dictate the future of this team. There is no exact science to this. We are left to hope shanny and co have the correct strategy in place.

            Many teams have been where the leafs have been and pushed through to enjoy long stretches of success. A starting core of kadri, nylander, rielly and the 4th pick is a good start.

            Your fixation on the 80s has no relevance to today’s team. Let it go.

          • jasken

            Ahh yes. Start with the name calling nice. If thinking missing out a generational player while at the same time the team is beginning a “scorched earth” policy means a decade of futulity makes me a garbage clown so be it.

            Nowhere did I disparage this years draft class merely the Leaf manegments ability to actually make the correct draft pick. Nice straw man though.

            You’re correct about the way to build a team thru the draft. The problem is it takes time and the Leafs are at the beginning of the process. Most of these picks this year are heading back to junior. As an aside on my mythical scouts, people like Craig Button, Bob Makenzie, Kyle Dubas, Brendan Sahannah have all stated that the Leafs first pick was going back to junior unless of course they won the lottery. Which goes back to the point that losing out on McDavid means the rebuild is going to take a lot longer.

            As for the 80’s I can’t say I’m fixated on them, simply pointed out a similar draft in Leaf history. That it happened to take place in the 80’s is simply a coincidence.

          • TGT23

            Yes, because you are being ridiculous.

            Nothing that has happened under Shanny has shown even the slightest sign of history repeating.

            For starters, they’ve disbanded and taken out of power most if not all of the old boys club. They’ve made very good use of the assets they had and have acquired many high ceiling prospects.

            That doesn’t sound like something the old guard would have done.

            There is zero reason to believe Hsanny, Hunter and Dubas are anything like the people who drafted Antropov or Schenn.

            You can’t put those failures on the new guard.

            The “nonsense” part is that you’ve determined McDavid is the only player the Leafs could gave drafted that wouldn’t be a bust. And you’ve decided whatever decision they make is wrong before they make it. That was your initial thesis. The Leafs will 100% get it wrong.

            Later you relent and say ‘well, at very least they’ll take a long time to be good’… Sure… Like most prospects… That’s why all reasonable fans expect a five year rebuild.

            This rebuild was going to be a 4-7 year project with or without McDavid. McDavif might have made it go closer to 4 but it was still going to take time.

            But if you can’t see how ridiculous it sounds to suggest the Leafs can’t get it right because they didn’t in the 80’s before anyone in management was here then this isn’t the team for you.

            Go find another. Cause this rebuild is going to take time and patience, and trust in the new management core.

            If you can’t manage that then leave. And take what’s48 with you.

            Neither of you will be missed.

          • jasken

            I sincerely hope that anger management course starts soon for you. Your dispicable display of ageism is very disconcerting to the older folks in here who post.

          • TGT23

            Not angry. Just having grown tired of your awe inspiring, mind numbing level of ignorance and inability to grow as a human being.

            But seriously, the guy who spends every post insulting the younger generation for being younger and more intellectually curious is going to cry about ageism?

            You really are living in your own fictionalized narrative, aren’t you?

            If you can’t grow, if you are incapable of evolving, then your opinion is invalid. You and Willbur, who I suspect is also you, have given up learning and evolving as people.

            So what good are you in a conversation about the future if you are so stuck in the past you can’t see beyond it?

            You’ve become so sad and jaded and have lost the capacity to hope and believe. Truthfully, I can’t be mad at you. I pity you.

            So this team and this rebuild are not for you.

          • TGT23

            Your honour no further questions as once again T.G. shows his uncontrollable anger. You are the guy tail gating a person and giving the bird. Seriously I will with several others in here just ignore you. I’m not kidding you need serious help with your anger management problem.

  • Corno4

    NHL draft system is flawed. How can 1 team have 4 first overall picks in 6 years? No wonder the NHL is losing audience/attendance fans. Who would want to watch that? Rediculous.

  • walkingman11


    2008 finish 19th draft Eberle #22

    2009 finish 21st Draft MPS #10

    Tambo purges: Nilsson-XXX-Cogliano; Torres-Stoll-XXX; Glencross-Brodziak-XXX

    2010 (Quinn) finish last Pick Hall #1

    2011 (Renney) finish last Pick RNH 3rd highest P v P scoring centre Behind Sedin; Toews; aheadTORof Kopitar…….

    2012 (Renney) finish 2nd last win Lottery Pick Yakupov.

    2013 (Krueger) Finish #24 draft Nurse #7

    Mact falls for Eakins the TOR Media Darling. Fires Krueger who goes on to run SOUthampton EPL. Taking bottom feeder to potential europeon tournament.

    2014 (eakins) finish 3rd last draft Draisatl #3

    2015 (eakins) has oilers entrenched at bottom of league. Is replaced by Nelson who pulls us off bottom. Gets oilers to winning record Versus the east. achieves more wins versus west and pacific in 1/2 season than Eakins achieved in 1 1/2 years.

    Oilers finish 3rd last and win the new Lottery designed to make it hard for bottom 5 teams to pick #1

    Tambo purged Playoff players.
    Eakins took a fringe team to bottom of league. Basically got us McDavid!

  • Kanuunankuula

    As upset as I am that the Leafs didn’t get the golden ticket, I’m not too bummed because someone really good is coming our way. For those that are really upset you’re forgetting about the teams that have won the cup most recently, neither have a Crosby/McDavid on their roster. BUT they have a small cluster of really damn good draft picks that have meshed together beautifully. McDavid wasn’t going to carry a Leafs team to the cup the same way Crosby hasn’t been able to bring another cup to the penguins. It’s a team sport afterall. My only hope, is that the Oilers don’t assume that all their problems are solved now because much like the Leafs they have a broken team and they’ve been extremely lucky with #1 picks, yet Calgary has surpassed them in development.

  • jasken

    The fact Leafs didn’t win the lottery draft means absolutely nothing really. The truth is he was one piece he was never going to be the “team” just a part of it. Yes having him would have made things a bit faster but when shanny said “it will take as long as it takes” either suck it up get with it or move to a different team.

    You think 1 player is going to some how replenish your entire prospect pool, speed up development and make a contending team your not only foolish your blind. In order for the Leafs to contend year in and year out they need solid players and continous prospects both in the NHL and minors and that takes time to do alot of it.

    • FlareKnight

      Winning teams also need franchise players. For all the talk about teams, those teams are still made up of individuals. Those teams win Stanley Cups because they have extremely good players on them. One player isn’t going to solve all the issues, but if you have a team with McDavid on it vs a similar team without him, the former team is going to win.

      The Leafs are still hanging around with a ridiculously long cup drought because we never have one of those kinds of players. We never have the generational guy that can be the core of a championship.

      Yeah, it’s back to slow going. But they are going to need more than solid players, they are going to need to draft all-stars and franchise cornerstones. They’ve got the harder job now of making a winning franchise without the easy picks.

      • silentbob

        I’m pretty sure there is a draft next year and the year after that and the year after that. They didn’t get McDavid but maybe they get Matthews next year…..

        The Hawks drafted Barker 3rd and Skille 7th before they got Toes and Kane. The Kings drafted a few early busts befor getting Doughty.

  • walkingman11

    Call me crazy but those Oilers fellas need defense and goaltending. Maybe offer Phaneuf and Riemer for McDavid. Leafs might have to retain salary though.

  • TGT23

    A couple of weeks ago the passionate loyal fan of James Reimer simply pointed out to you T.G. that he had enough debating with you. Out here in the real world compared to your inner sanctum, it is YOU who is feuding with the Reimerfan, Wilbur, Stan, C.M. Puck, myself and others. Take a look in the mirror. But as I stated Reimer fan had it right, he had enough of you as I have had. So sure go ahead with your usual venom of anger, in the future I’ll simply ignore it.

    Hopefully you will get control of that anger raging in you.

    • TGT23

      Basically all I got from this is “I can’t refute any of the points you’ve made against me so instead I’ll try to discredit you as a person and pretend that I’m taking the moral high ground by not responding to your points”.

      Very political of you.

      I think you might be projecting, friend. Just so angry all the time that your childhood team embraces youth and analytics, things you hate with such passion, that you think everyone must be as angry as you are.

      I’m actually ecstatic. My team is finally evolving and the old boys club is disbanding. I just wish I could have helped you evolve with it. But you are too stuck in your ways now, I see.

  • silentbob

    another F*CKING disappointment/failure. the harold ballard curse has touched us ONCE AGAIN. 1 PICK AFTER US. DISGUSTING. i hate the oilers. F*CK them. the league should’ve made it against the rules to draft that many 1st overall picks. i just PRAY we get matthews/chychrun/puljujärvi because this is BS. 4 1st overall picks in 6 years is not right! poor mcdavid was almost in tears. he knows he’s screwed there. i truly believe every bottom team now will be better than the oilers even with all of those picks. i hope they have a long cup drought because this is ridiculous. we have 1 1st overall pick in our HISTORY and that was 30 years ago FML. i just pray we get someone who turns out to be really good. we didn’t get a crosby, but maybe we can get a thornton/kane/pietroangelo (guys projected as strome/marner/hanafin) because we’ve suffered enough.

  • TGT23

    As for Reimerfan, he and I have been going at it for two seasons in the Reimer/Bernier battle. I think you misread what happened there. He called a truce. I accepted. I think both of us realize it doesn’t matter anymore. No matter who is better neither can save this team.

    Willbur is clearly your second account so that doesn’t count and Stan… I just don’t agree with him often. No harm there. Smart men can disagree. Sometimes they talk about it.

    Clearly something you are incapable of.

  • silentbob

    As for who the Leafs should pick, a team should always take the best player available regardless of position and/or team need.

    If the Coyotes draft Strome, Marner or anyone not named Hanifin, the Leafs should jump at the chance to draft the 3rd best prospect with the 4th overall pick. I know a lot of people want a star center, but if both Hanifin and Rielly become elite D-men……. you can build a winner around that (ask the Devils, Ducks or Bruins).

    If Hanifin is taken 3rd, I hope they take Strome. If Marner was obviously more talented it would be a different story, but they seem fairly evenly matched. Everything else can be taught, worked on and developed, you can’t teach 6’3. Plus we would immediately see trade rumors and ideas involving Kessel going to New York for Ryan Strome.

  • jasken

    First of all you guys arguing and rehashing over past managing of Leafs and how it might or might not continue wait and see is all you can do. I am hoping Shanny told the board this is my kitchen stay out. Realistically I also understand the money is the boards and who pays actually has the final decision. But I hoping the board of boys has seen the light and what they were doing before is just recipe for failure.

  • jasken


    So you have already come to the conclusion that Strome or Marner, Haifin just are not good enough to be franchise players? What leads you to that conclusion exactly, how do you know the franchise player is not 210 – 227 th overall do you know have you seen the future.