Leafs Locker Cleanout Day


Many of the Leafs were packing up their stuff and heading for the trading block the World Hockey Championships Aruba. As is tradition, they had an endless series of microphones jammed in their faced and were asked questions that were predominantly answered in cliches. Some of the players comments were more interesting than others and we’ve got those for you right here in one convenient location.

Nothing too surprising about Bernier’s comment, but really confirms that everyone expects to be traded or to be meeting a bunch of new teammates next season.

This is really builds on what Bernier was saying, but much more colourfully.

This is interesting since there was some belief that injury was playing a part in his dropped production. Of course, that doesn’t mean that he wasn’t banged up, but he’s not going for surgery, which is nice.

While Phaneuf, Bernier, and Kessel have already stated they will not be going to the Worlds. Rielly is the most likely going, Komarov is on a plane tomorrow, and van Riemsdyk is still coming up with an excuse to duck out.

Again this isn’t earth shattering news, but it’s certainly not the cliched “I love playing in Toronto” response. Since Polak has good value and doesn’t seem thrilled about sticking around I’m guessing he’ll be gone this summer.

David Booth dropping the biggest IF of the day.

This might be the most surprising response. There were a ton of “I want to be back” responses from Lupul, Kessel, Bozak, etc., but nothing this definitive. This may also not be what most Leafs fans want to hear as he’s 30 years old and cost $7M a season. Expectations aren’t reality, but it’s interesting that he was so confident in his response.

Here’s Casey Bailey on his early experience with the Leafs…

Looks like he’s well aware that he’s got a lot to do before he can be a regular in the NHL.

This makes me sad.

So far that’s today’s story out of Leafs Land. This is purely an appetizer before Shanahan’s press conference, so keep on hitting refresh on TLN’s front page waiting for that recap to appear soon.

  • Bertly83

    polak has opnely hated playing here from day 1 just like olli jokinen. he can go too. he won’t be missed. please take phaneuf/brewer/bozak/lupul with you.

  • Bertly83

    Nothing from REIMS???? what did he leave town or something? on Brenden’s comment on wanting he team to be a team and for players to want to be here, who are a good model for The Leafs and Toronto….Well Reims oooses all of this and has never stated anything but Love for being a part of the best organization as well as his love for playing here and wants nothing more than being around to bea part of this team…I LOVE FOR HIM TO STAY BUT!! its not in my hands………….whatever happens he is a true Leaf and has bee a true competive player who fouht evry game good or bad, and thats what the new team needs..players who compete and want to be here..like him or hate him..he was a true Leafer and I wish him nothing but the best whatever happens….
    and except for Morgan Reilly there’s not much else left to be said except let the rebuid began…..

    • Bertly83

      I’m not a huge fan of either Reimer or Bernier but I will agree with you that Reimer is a true Leaf, meaning he loves this team. He has an excellent attitude and can “stomach” the media and a rebuild I feel. I’m not too sure I feel that from Bernier, who might feel he’s better then a rebuild… although he hasn’t proven to be all that much better than Reimer at the moment. I think Franson was one who also wanted to be here through thick and thin but of course he gets dealt. I can’t think of other die-hards on the team except maybe Holland who’s also convinced me he loves being a Leaf. Kessel says he loves it here, but I’m not sure I buy that. Had Bozak not signed here before him, I feel he might not have re-singed. Just my opinion.

      • Bertly83

        agreed. bernier looks like he can’t handle the attention and spotlight. i think lupul, reimer, holland, franson, kadri really want to be here (i wish lupul would leave. he’s awful/useless). those guys can handle it and love being in a pressure-filled city with die hard fans. kessel loves the city and fans. he has proven he wants to be here by signing a long term contract because he could’ve got way more on the open market/signed a shorter contract. bozak only wants to be here because he’s viewed as a #1 centre and knows he won’t be elsewhere. i think phaneuf enjoys the community work and guys in the locker room, maybe not all of the crazy responsibility that comes with being the captain. younger guys like panik want to be here because of the opportunities they get here that they wouldn’t get elsewhere