LGD: Columbust


It’s another exciting round of the Matt Frattin Bowl! It’s also a chance to appreciate which team David Clarkson is a scratch for. It would have been nice to see Dave falling down in a different shade of Blue tonight as it would give the end of the season a more positive feel, instead we’ll have the other kind of joy where we pretend he doesn’t exist.

The Blue Jackets have been on a nice little run and have been actively doing everything they can to make sure they don’t add another promising young player to an already solid young core, and the Leafs, well, the Leafs better lose tonight because I am losing faith that the Hurricanes will ever win another hockey game.

The Leafs

The storyline for the Leafs is the same as it’s been for the past month or so. Watch the players under 25 and hope to get a glimmer of hope that they can play a larger role next season, and watch the players 25 and over and appreciate this will be one of the last times you’ll see them as Leafs. Best case scenario they do something to help their trade value.

Lineup via Daily Faceoff


Presumably that hole has Holland’s name on it.


Did you know that this is the team that employs Rene Bourque now? Did you know they did that on purpose? There is a center in Columbus that will likely be playing on a line next season between Bourque and Clarkson and that’s amazing. 

Anyway, Columbus will always hold a special place in my heart because of this…

Lineup via Daily Faceoff


Starting Goaltenders



What to Watch For

  • The Blue Jackets are a decent team that has rebuilt very well after the MacLean era despite not having a first overall pick. Use this to take comfort in the rebuilding process that legitimately starts next week.
  • The Tyler Bozak 50 point watch is on. On one hand a 50 point forward @ $4.25 is marketable in this league, on the other hand it’s so comforting to know he has never broken 50.
  • I guess the Hartnell/Phaneuf rivalry is a thing.
  • Mark Letestu could be one of those reasonably priced free agents that the Leafs could use to round out their roster next year. Maybe keep an eye on him.