LFR8 – Game 79 – Cheers – Tor 1, Bos 2 (SO)

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The Leafs take us on a flashback to 2013 and I answer questions in a lengthy “anything but Leafs” segment.

  • TGT23

    Fascinating video Steve. Of course you will absolutely get static from a lot of leaf fans, especially the older ones who actually believe or not Steve had a rivalry with Montreal many, many moons ago including the lunar eclipse moon last Saturday night.

    You see Steve I’m hoping in your next answering non leaf question segment some poor soul will ask you if a Yankee fan should cheer on the Red Sox if the Yankees are not in the playoffs. Should a 49er fan cheer on the Seahawks to win the super bowl. Should a Celtics fan cheer on the Lakers to win the N.B.A. championship.

    Sorry Steve a true leaf fan doesn’t EVER, EVER EVER cheer for the Montreal Canadians. But you are from a different generation and as you say what ever makes you happy and obviously Steve having watched the leafs lose through out your life I can perhaps see why cheering for the Habs would be a logcial conclusion for you as state every hockey fan wants to be a happy hockey fan. I’m happy as I simply reminisce those 4 great Stanley cup champions of the 1960’s especially 1967 when the leafs beat the hated Canadians. One of the amusing stories of that cup win was that a building was set up on the Canada’s Expo 67 site in Montreal to have the Stanley Cup champions put on a display signifying their cup championship in the 100th anniversary of Canada. Punch Imlach in his book pointed out when he went to this Expo building he had to move all the Montreal garbage out of the display area as Toe Blake and Sam Pollock were soooo convinced that they would win the cup that they had the audacity to set up a Habs victory room.

    In 2017 just two seasons away, the leafs will have a major ceremony of the 1967 club stepping out on to the ice to commemorate the 50th anniversary of that great victory over the HATED HABS. Sadly we have lost some of these greats to hockey heaven. I know I won’t have a dry eye as I watch my idols of that era gingerly step out on that carpet and receive a standing ovation. For those of us old enough to remember it truly will be a glorious night.

    In closing Steve let me wish and your family a happy Easter.

    • TGT23

      The problem here as that you actually think the Leafs have a rivalry with the Habs or Sens.

      They don’t.

      Rivalries are for good teams and the Leafs haven’t been that in over a decade.

      Do you HONESTLY think Reilly, Kadri, Subban, Price, etc. feel a rivalry between their two teams? The last time there was a legit rivalry between them these guys were still in elementary school. I was in High School for God sakes.

      The rivalry is dead. So stop acting like you’re some true and glorious Leaf fan above everyone else just because you think a that the rivalry from your childhood in the 50’s and 60’s is still relevant.

      Hockey fans can appreciate good teams and good stories. If those teams happen to be FORMER rivals, fine. When the rivalry is sparked again during the first season these teams fight for the division or in the playoffs everything will go back to normal.

      But it doesn’t make Steve or anyone else BAD fans, fair weather fans, or anything else just because they pull for great players and great teams and great stories to win.

      And newsflash, the Yankees/Sox rivalry is still a rivalry. Both teams have been contenders in recent memories which reignited a dying rivalry. The Lakers/Celtics rivalry has been dead nearly 20 years, no one cares about that anymore. It’s dead. There is no Magic/Bird anymore. And the Niners/Seahawks rivalry is still a rivalry because both teams have been good recently and have played playoff games.

  • Dirty30

    Of course a Leaf fan CAN cheer for the Habs in the playoffs. It just might not be a great idea if it’s happiness you are looking for. Their possession numbers are bad and they have trouble scoring. Price is great but relying on goaltending that heavily is dangerously unsustainable. Cheer for the Lightning. They score a ton of goals and have good possession stats. That would probably be more fun to watch than Price making tons of saves.

    • Dirty30

      Thanks for illustrating my point Gardiner about the generation gap. As I stated different strokes for different folks. But why stop at cheering for the Habs and Lightning, cheer on the Blues, Hawks, Rangers, Captitals, hell all 16 teams. Build a closet with 30 different jerseys representing every team what ever makes a hockey fan happy. For me just an occasional playoff appearance by the leafs would turn my crank.

    • Dirty30

      Gardiner I got an even better idea for you and Steve and others. At the final game versus the hated Habs simply wear a leaf jersey over your Hab jersey. Late in the game take off your leaf jersey and cheer on the Habs. After all you will be cheering them in the playoffs what is wrong with a five minute practice of getting use to yelling Go Habs Go.

    • Dirty30

      Exactly Skill that is why the idea of buying 30 jerseys of all the teams and building a closet for them is a brilliant idea. Think of the discount you would get for buying 30 of them. Go N.H.L. Go, Congratulations on the N.H.L. for embarrassing the sport by selecting Rob Ford to your committee. Truly brilliant.