LGD: It’s the last week

It’s the last week of the 2014-2015 season for the Leafs. What could possibly be going through their heads today as they suit up in Boston? Is it that they really need to bring it because they’re playing a team with a better than 50% win record, 11 more wins than their own? Or is it that the weather is starting to get warmer and pretty soon those golf greens will be looking shiny and new? I guess we’ll know once we survey the extent of the damage later tonight. Game time is 7 p.m.


There really isn’t any surprises in the Leafs’ lineup. They lost to the worst team in the league on Wednesday night, but Horachek seems to be sticking with what ‘works’ I guess, or maybe just what’ll get them through 60 minutes of play with Polak, Horton, Holland, and Robidas all on the injured list. If Boston gives them a chance to run their powerplay unit they may have what it takes to eek out a goal or two. With Reimer in net, it might be just enough.

Lineups via Daily Faceoff

Leaf lineup April 4


This is a make or break game for Boston, as is nearly every game for them from here on out. They need to get a win tonight to fend off the Senators for the last playoff spot; a team which will have an opportunity to slaughter the Leafs tomorrow in Toronto. That’s a lot of pressure for Boston, and if Reimer doesn’t give them an opening, they may just choke. 

Lineups via Daily Faceoff

Boston lineup April 4


James Reimer


Tuukka Rask


  • Reimer’s been pretty good lately and hopefully he’ll be strong in the net tonight. Look for the Bruins to be denied repeatedly.
  • Good hockey. The Leafs may be out, but as much as I joke, they aren’t completely lying down on the ice for every game, yet. Boston needs this win badly, so hopefully their enthusiasm leads to some good moments on the ice tonight.