WWYDW – Makeover!!!

Nobody likes the Toronto Maple Leafs. Stephen Brunt called them the least likeable team in hockey, fans aren’t showing up to the games anymore, and even the players are beating up on other players.

And if cute movies about love and self-worth have taught me anything, it’s that the Leafs are in desperate need of a makeover. They’ll never impress anybody by simply being themselves, so something’s gotta change!

The Situation

Let’s be realistic though… This isn’t about looks. There’s a lot of handsome dudes that play for the Leafs; a little something for everybody. Sharp dressed and smouldering? Joffrey Lupul and Jonathan Bernier. Boyish charm? Morgan Rielly. Kind of goofy and maybe a little creepy? Uncle Leo.

So what is it that needs to change in order for Toronto to overcome its identity crisis?

Trade the players? Fire the GM? Design a new logo?

Or, is it really just as simple as winning some hockey games?